Morning Run: It does drag on


prof_image_49495171.png steevc just finished a 10.74km run, that lasted for 69 minutes. This run helped steevc burn 833.0 calories.

Description from Strava:
It was looking nice out today, but I think there was some frost overnight. I was not feeling cold once I got going. I started off taking a look to see if the new electric car charging points in the village had been installed, but there is nothing yet. It may be that they do it this week. We can charge at home, but if you do not have a driveway then it is difficult.

The Millennium chip shop and Chinese takeaway had their lanterns out as they will celebrate new year soon. This will be the year of the dragon.

I did variation of my usual loop. I was feeling a little drained after parkrun yesterday and my hip is playing up. I kept running anyway.

There were quite a few other runners out today. The better weather may encourage them, but I run all year. I took a slightly shorter route through Stotfold that came out by the Co-op. I was following a lady runner, but she left me behind.

It was looking busy at Stotfold football club. I have never been to a match there, but they have a nice ground. I am just not really a footy fan, but I know lots of people are into it and the small clubs do a lot for the community.

I would not have wanted to run much further today. Doing two days on the trot is tiring. I will keep doing exercises for my hip as I want it to improve. It is actually an issue with a tendon rather than the joint.

As usual I had some chores to do. The chickens needed cleaning out and I had to deal with an electrical issue. I do get some time to chill out. We have also done the preparation work for our solar installation that should be happening next month. They had a cancellation, so we got an earlier slot.

Run free!

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About the Athlete: Older guy trying to keep fit, but still hope to go quicker.


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