Wisdom comes with age. [Growing older, not up.]


“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.” - Tia Walker

We are blessed to have our elders with us. Thdy are from a generation which have a troubledome past. From fighting in pre independence era to farming for livlihood to getting government jobs to looking after their family to facing the age old troubles. They have faced each situation with lots of courage and hardxhip. They were not blessed to have a life easier like we do with so many tevhnological assistsnce alongside, still we get pissed off and assume our life tough. Just think of them or spend time with the older people to rralize, what they had been to in the past.

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Last 6 years I had lots of chat with my Dad and I always used to enjoy stories about his childhood adulthood. He had some challenging past, but very encouraging to learn the way he moved from nowhere to settle in Delhi. Grey are the good school about life experince who can teach us many things. Every moment we spend with them, tending to their needs, showing them love, and providing support is a testament to our strength and compassion. I have seen many situation that due to unavailability of time or having a fast paced life, we tends to ignore the need of the older people at home. We do not have time for them, but in fact, in their end phase they always look out for someone close by, they wanted to be caress, they wanted someone to talk and someone to lookafter their need. I personally belive that whatever the little thing we do for them gives them, immense happiness.

"A good day is a day spent with the elderly."

Post my Dad death, I do spend times with my uncles who are also getting tonthe higher end of the life. Everyone have their own stories to tell. And honestly, while you spend time with them they open up very easily. They are nothing to hide, bot to be ashamed of anything. This Christmas, I took my uncle to one of the far of relatives. Who happens to be elder then my Dad. But looking at him, he seems to be in more good condition.

It took him to recgnize as with age we lose our memory. But it did not take long to recgonize my uncle. Knowing my father name he gets so excited. Talking to him was a bliss. He shared many thing about my Dad. He still feel proud to say "angrezo ke Samay ke Hai hum" (they are from british era). He told how he participated with revolution, how they used to attack Britisher with stone and many more things. He was too excited, he even share few things about my Dad which made me quite emotional.

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What mlre inspiring is that he is still wanted to learn. He wore a jacket without Zipper. Seeing me in jacket, he was keen to learn how the zip work mean how to lock the jacket. I happily told him to lock the jacket and pulled the pulley. He aas so happy learning, he even tried on his jackets too. He again started to talking about many other stories. Spending time with our older generstion significantly benefits their mental, emotional, and physical health.

"They aren't old, they're vintage."

It is always good to take their blessings. While he was happy, my uncle mood is not much different. He is in 75 and still fond of travelling. Now as he is visiting after long time, He too get excited. He like traveling in the bike and keep sharing many things. It felt so wonderful to know the little past activity of these older generstion.

It is not as easy as it seems. One needs to have patience to tackle to their demands. We must understand, they are not aware much of computer language, mobile language, the differrnt automation happening or many other things. They still have the older time in their fond memory. It requires a lot of patience to enjoy moments with them. Take them out, be it for a meal, a trip to the store, or a favorite park, is a great way to spend some quality time together. This is what my Uncle was dealing with. He stopped at gew store for have a cuppa of tea remembering all the old things.

Nostalgic Past time

This holiday time I shared some nostalgic time of my uncle and a far away relatives. Thoroughly enjoyed time spent with them. No way, I get bored for a moment. Listening them, helping them , supporting them is what makes life meaningful. This is why it is always said that there is more than money in life. But we always run after the money ignoring all the other important things in life. We must understand, our generstion are not string enough as our elders were. The stamina and strength is dismissing with each generstion. Better to learn from them, they have the ample spurce of experince, while our generstion were more knowledge. And the combination of experince and knowledge is more powerful.


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