Necessary Steps To Ensure Survival In The Face Of Inflation Pangs


Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber and as deadly as a hit man.

Ronald Reagan.


Sometimes I imagine how I survive this period..... It's just as if life is living me and not the other way round😂... All Because of inflation pangs in my country, Nigeria.

The price of commodities and services keep on increasing by the day... It's just never ending. You buy something today at 10Naira and coming back tomorrow to get that same product from the same place, it's already 30Naira. It's just so so crazy.

As a student, I'm greatly affected although not as much as families but still....



This period, I don't even know how much I pay for my transportation going to the hospital where we learn, we are just at the mercy of the drivers.

Today, we might pay 350Naira and next week, it will miraculously go up to 400Naira. We will keep going to school We will keep learning So it's not as if we have choice, hehehe.

When it comes to foodstuffs, it's all on the increase, there's nothing that wants you to touch it.. not even noodles.

Ordinary noodles is now sold at 6000Naira, that's so so much honestly and not only that,

Have you touched melon seed for "egusi soup" recently?

You will just touch it and quickly run to other cheaper soups because it's just so expensive and the list goes on.....

Do we still remember about buying outing clothes?

Where will you see the money from? Now, all we hustle for is just to get our school uniforms and give thanks to God, hehehe.

Even to get the textbooks we use is really a big task because of the inflation pangs.... You make an inquiry and a textbook is sold at 1000Naira, you go back to save up a little to make up the money you have and come buy the textbook. On coming back, you can't get the textbook at 10000Naira again but rather 12000Naira...

When will it ever end?

Inflation pangs is really really crazy down here It's affecting all spheres of life you could literally think of.


How do I survive this period?

It's really not easy on anyone.... Not even on our parents giving us since we are students but then what can we do? We still need support but then there are few strategies I adopt to lessen the burden.

  • Bulk Buying:

Instead of buying in small quantities, I now buy in bulk. It's not always easy at the time of buying because you will definitely feel a lot left your purse but then on the long run, you will see you are the one benefitting as it saves you constant going to the market, saves you strength and also cheaper buying in bulk too.

  • Soft copy textbooks:

The challenge of textbooks has been solved.... Thanks to individuals uploading almost all the textbooks on the internet.

You could easily download any textbook there with little megabyte and can access whatever information you want there.

With my PC, I read any textbook I've downloaded and by so doing misses nothing.

  • Accomodation:

Since we will be going to the hospital everyday until our graduation, I am just gradually looking for a lodge close to the hospital we go to so I can relocate to there and as such save the money I spend on transportation everyday.

  • Opay:

It might look small when we just make transactions and pay those transaction charges but then it is big.

I personally don't have problem with their charges but then my problem is that it sometimes distort the zeros in my account, I don't know if you understand 😂

With the emergence of the cash crisis and network issues, I took my Opay serious and then have been doing free transactions.


Screenshot from my phone

Also making use of their Owealth feature where I get 15% of what I invest daily... It's really cost effective and has been helping me. 54TLbcUcnRm4Bw8fmw3Y3deXChf9UQSDSsMgDEZRoBfprK3F8gCXSFWrZzrRLaovYQ8YfqeHQxbvscduWWmcUvZ1sa12NGcv7fjCucxAxVHWz1CJfAp2ohBxj1bZ7XZYTPAUaRxHU.png

It is a general problem for all in Nigeria so just check what will help you reduce cost. I believe it's a phase all developed countries once faced when they were developing countries although I don't even know if Nigeria is still in this class.... It's well

This too shall pass.

Thanks for reading and have a good day ahead👍

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