Wednesday walk - At The Deer Park


When you see something you enjoy, you forget how time passes you by. The funny thing is you even forget the very purpose for which you came there in the first place. My walk a couple of days ago was like that, I came to visit my son at the university, I haven't seen him in a coupe of weeks as he has been busy practicing for an upcoming music event but I got enchanted by the deer that is here.

We walked as we spoke and reached the deer park one of my favorite spots in the huge campus, it's not very often that we come here to the deer park. This spot is out of bound for visitors as it is close to the college; this wasn't so a few years ago when my first son studied here. There are so many security checks now before we get to this place. Somehow as it was around lunch time we manged to get here without too much difficulty, besides there was another program going on at the nursing school which made our entry here easier.

The deer were having their lunch as well. A delicious lunch in this summer heat - water melons. Just as we a little away from the deer park we noticed a small truck deposit the food for the deer in four different corners. We knew it was going to be difficult to take great pictures, as it is we only had our phones in hand.

There was a huge rush with all the animals crowding around the food with their backs to us. They ones behind were going around to circles trying to get to the inner circle where the food was, survival of the fittest happening right before our eyes.

There were some who gave up easily and tried to chomp on whatever was available at the moment. Maybe it was this way - this guy being a gentle deer just didn't fancy the shoving and jostling that was going on.

In about ten minutes they had devoured most of their food. You could see them trampling the rest of the watermelon under foot after having eaten up the juicy parts. These deer didn't eat any of the white parts or the skin as they usually do. These seemed like a spoiled, entitled bunch of deer to me LOL.

Usually these deer come looking for treats from the students, but after the students had been warned not to feed the animals in the campus, these deer stayed far from us, never coming close to the fence like the usually did in the past.

I was told that the students fed these animals coke and other canned drinks causing them to fall ill. Beside the monkey numbers had been growing steadily due to the students feeding them. The college finally had to call the forest department for help with the monkeys. Now there are no monkeys in the campus.

The sun was blazing hot and there was the threat of a thunder storm lurking close at hand so I had to rush home in order to avoid getting stuck in the city traffic during the heavy rains. I just took a few pictures and got out of the campus as fast as I could.

On the way I did get a few other pictures of the trees in bloom. Trees that had shed their leaves and now displaying fresh new leaves. It was then I remembered that I had barely spoke to my son after having traveled all the way to meet him.

Oh dear! the deer there had grabbed my attention and all I did was watch them and have fun. The deer love these flowers and buds of the May flower (Gul muhar). These have a tangy, sweet taste to them. The flowers are crunchy too. As kids we used to eat them and that how I know this.

The bottle brushes are in bloom here in the campus. I haven't seen any bloom near home. I hope to get some better pictures with my DSLR when I see them blooming in my neighborhood. Maybe I'll share them with you here on one of my Wednesday walks.

For now I bid you good day and goodbye. Hope you enjoyed the walk with me and the deer. So until we meet again have a lovely week. Thanks for the support and the encouragement, I truly appreciate it.

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