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Hi there everyone, 

It's @skyehi and as I was going through social media, I noticed how popular the wrestling world is getting. We seem to be entering a new era where wrestling is expanding a lot.

There used to be the famous Attitude Era which completely changed the face of wrestling and brought whole new possibilities, wrestling characters and storylines.

Wrestling that was once a family friendly television show became more rough in a sense that, there was a bit more violent scenes, curse words and quite unorthodox storylines which funny enough, the fans loved. Oh did I forget to mention the dark humor. 

That was the Era of the Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and his feud with Mr McMahon.

If you'd closely observe the wrestling world, you'd probably notice that more celebrities and famous people are getting into collaborations and contracts with WWE.

We've already seen the famous Mexican singer, Bad Bunny have some very amazing moments in WWE. 

He had his tag match with Damian Priest and later a storyline where he actually fought and won Damian Priest in a no disqualification match. Bad Bunny also appeared at the Royal Rumble as well.

We also had the famous YouTuber, professional boxer and cofounder of Prime Drinks, Logan Paul enter the wrestling world. These celebrities showed passion and desire for wrestling and the wrestling business.

Logan Paul also had some great matches including a tag match with The Miz, Main event match against Roman Reigns at Saudi Arabia, a match against Ricochet and now had a United States championship match against Rey Mysterio and actually won.

Yep, our current United States champion is Logan Paul. Who would have thought that the Vine and YouTube comedian would become our WWE United States Champion.

Now the interesting thing is that these celebrities already have a following and their engagement with wrestling is making more of their fans get interested in wrestling.

So all this coupled with epic storylines and powerful main event showdowns is causing the wrestling industry to rise quickly in terms of social media presence and revenue.

Well this particular Era of wrestling or even WWE doesn't have an actual name yet like it did with ATTITUDE era but whatever this era is, we gotta admit it's pretty cool.

Logan Paul got signed to the WWE and after his early matches and storylines, WWE decided to give him an extended contract and make him United States champion.

I believe that was a smart decision made by the company because it's going to create more attention for WWE and the wrestling world.

If you've not been watching wrestling for a while, you just gotta go back and watch because it's getting crazy. Yep as crazy as CM Punk is freaking working with WWE right now. 😂 

This year has just been filled with a lot of shocking news and don't get me started with ranting and complaining about why Rockstar decided to reschedule GTA 6 to 2025😂.

Anyways, Logan Paul's new contract is most certainly a longer one and would definitely hit a six figure income for the current US champ.

Well I'm pretty sure WWE knows that Logan Paul is totally worth it and he's been proving himself a lot. The guy is a great wrestler and a great athlete period.

So from making Randy Orton RKO meme video on Vine to becoming YouTube famous to actually becoming a champion in WWE. Life's going pretty well for Logan Paul and all that plus his Prime Drink company with KSI is now a billion dollar company.

Alright guys, thanks for the time. What do you think about this decision by WWE. In my personal opinion, it's just brilliant. 

Have a lovely day and catch you next time on Wrestling Organization Online. Bye guys and MERRY CHRISTMAS ❤️🎅❤️🎅❤️

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