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  • It has finally happened!

One of the greatest Pay-Per-View events in the wrestling world, Royal Rumble, has happened, and it's time for results.



Of course, I'm going to make an official match results blog today, but out of excitement and surprise, I would like to announce the winner of the 2024 Royal Rumble Match.

  • The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes won this year's men's Royal Rumble Match.

Here's a video of the men's Royal Rumble match highlights:


The interesting thing is that Cody Rhodes won last year's Royal Rumble match and challenged Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39 for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Unfortunately, Cody couldn't finish his story by beating Roman Reigns last year, but it turns out The American Nightmare has a second chance from the same Royal Rumble match.

The Royal Rumble match itself started in a really interesting way. It began with bad blood.

The first two entrants to the Royal Rumble match were Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso, the Twins.

It was an emotional moment for both brothers. The dream moment of these two facing each other in the ring finally happened.

Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso had a throwdown in the middle of the ring.

Also, there were a lot of surprise returns like Andrade, who had left WWE over 3 years ago.

After a while, Cody Rhodes made his entry and stood his ground.

At the tail end of the rumble match, it was down to four superstars that promised the crowd that they would win the Royal Rumble.

We had Gunther, Drew McIntyre, CM Punk, and Cody Rhodes.

Drew McIntyre and Gunther got eliminated first, and it was left with just these two guys, Cody and Punk.

This reminded me of the promo these two had this past Monday Night on Raw. They exchanged some really harsh words and promised each other to eliminate themselves and win the Royal Rumble.

It was down to Cody and Punk. The two really fought each other because it was a final showdown. Whoever gets thrown out of the ring loses their Wrestlemania 40 moment and a shot at becoming the champion.

At the end, Cody Rhodes threw CM Punk out and won the Royal Rumble.

Cody has now been added to the list of wrestlers that won the Royal Rumble match more than once consecutively.

The very interesting thing was that after Cody Rhodes won the match, he pointed not just at the WrestleMania 40 sign just like every winner does but he also pointed at Roman Reigns who happened to be part of the event.

Reigns was sitting at the top, and Cody pointed at him. So I guess we know who Cody is going to face at WrestleMania 40.

We're going to have Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes one more time.

This has completely changed everything we expected to see at WrestleMania 40.

The Rock has already challenged Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 40, and now Cody has also challenged Reigns.

I really don't know if that was because WWE has changed their plans of letting the Rock face Roman, but things are certainly going to change based on what transpired last night.


I really hope Cody Rhodes would be able to finally finish his story and beat Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

I wonder how Cody would feel if he's not able to do it the second time.

They say three times a charm, but I'm pretty sure Cody would want to do it in two tries.

Cody Rhodes has fought for a while now with the intention of finishing his story by becoming the WWE champion.

Perhaps Cody Rhodes would be able to make his father Dusty Rhodes proud at WrestleMania 40.

I strongly believe WWE can give Cody Rhodes the chance of beating Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns has achieved so much already, and I really don't think it's necessary to keep this whole saga and storyline of Reigns's dominance going.

I feel it's time for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title to change hands.

I would definitely love to know what you guys think about this new move WWE is making and about Cody Rhodes winning the 2024 rumble.

Have a great day and catch you next time on Wrestling Organization Online. Bye, guys! ❤️


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