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· 18. Apr 2024

I'll start this diy project post by apologizing because I forgot to document all the stages of this transformation. Actually, I did it on video, but I forgot to take good pictures. I tried to print a few frames, but they lost their quality, so you'll have to make do with my accounts of some of the stages. I got all the materials you see in the pictures from a Brazilian paint brand, Acrilex. They sent me the MDF box to make the project, the putty colors and even the brushes and sponge I used to make the effects in this project. I was very happy because it was the first time I had received art and craft materials from a brand. The idea was to make a box to be an Easter kit and put chocolates inside and that's what I did, following part of the tutorial suggested by the brand itself. But, of course, with some adaptations so that the project had my identity. As the box was made of MDF, the idea was to paint it so that it looked like a more rustic wooden box, and so I did. But first I applied a sealant base coat to the entire box, so that the MDF wouldn't suck up the putty afterwards. Then I applied the brown putty, which has that dark, natural wood color vibe, and finished it off with a very rough sponge. Once dry, I applied the second coat and again finished with the sponge. I did this on the inside, the outside and the lid of the box. Once everything was dry, it was time for my favorite moment: drawing on the box. Initially, of course, I thought I'd draw a rabbit, since the aim was to make it an Easter box. However, I didn't want the gift to be dated and associated only with this occasion, but to be useful and functional for a long time. So I thought of drawing an otter, because the person who was going to receive the box is a human version of an otter. But then I thought it wouldn't work very well to draw a brown animal on a background that was already brown. So I came up with the idea of drawing a little bird and I thought it turned out really cute. I drew it with graphite pencils and then painted it with the other colors of putty I had available. I thought the result was really nice and I really enjoyed doing this project. I hope you enjoyed it. ![