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4 days ago

Happy Sunday to you all! Today here the weather is not so good. Soon in the morning the sky was full of dark clouds and some raindrops fallen down before a pale sun peeped out from behind the clouds. I spent my morning cleaning my home, but I can't wait to take my brushes and colors to work on some new paintings. In the meantime, I want to share with you some random pics I took during the past week not so far from my home. A couple of days ago, after a fast light lunch, me and my hubby @paolobeneforti felt the need to move our legs and to relax our minds, so we went to walk along the side of the river close to my home to watch the families of ducks, especially the little ones who are growing up very fast. We watched a funny scene, but I have to explain why I think it's funny. As I wrote before, since some weeks we use to watch the little ones of the family ducks along the small river close to my home, so we know a lot of things about them. There are a family with 3 little ones around 1 month old. We started to watch them every day from their first day of life. At the start, they spent all the day very close to their parents asking food. Swimming, resting on a rock under the sun, opening their beaks and calling their mom and dad. No nest around, during the first couple of days of their life the use to rest under their mom during the night, in a corner between plants.Well, a couple of days ago we were very surprised to watch one of them inside a nest similar to a large bird nest!The little one seems to have very long legs, but they still have a young plumage (the adult ones are black on the most part of the body):He seems to think that nest is very comfortable:![DSCN9623.JPG](