Merry Christmas to all….


Afternoon everyone …..

While Christmas Day is in full throttle here in the Eastern United States. I’m sure that it is winding down for several of you reading this post.

I would like to thank all of you who participated in my annual twelve days of Christmas wish list this year. This is definitely the most participation that I’ve ever seen. Thank you all my #silvergoldstackers for some great posts.

I can’t wait to see all of the Secret Santa gifts being unwrapped by our community as well. I sent mine out nice and early in hopes that they would be there in time for Christmas.

I have received two of my three Secret Santa gifts so far and will be opening them up a little later after we have our dinner.

I am currently in the process of cooking up a feast. In the oven is a bone in rib-eye roast with a garlic and horseradish crust. I will make an Au jus from the drippings. I am also making shrimp scampi, two different kinds of potatoes mashed Yukon gold and fondant potatoes, sautéed asparagus in garlic, caramelized baby carrots, fresh made penne and vodka sauce starter and a home made Caesar salad with roasted red pepper croutons. YUM!!!!

Typically there would be a homemade lasagna, but there are only four of us eating today. So the traditional lasagna was replaced with the homemade penne in vodka sauce.

Do you have a traditional Christmas dinner feast? If so, what is it. I’d like to know.

I hope that everyone has or had a wonderful Christmas and got everything they wanted. I also can’t wait to see those Secret Santa posts.

To all of my #silvergoldstacker friends MERRY CHRISTMAS


But this is a much nicer tree…


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