Splinterlands Art Contest Week 273: Dwarven Wizardess


dwarven wizard.png

This is my entry for the weekly Splinterlands Art Contest found https://hive.blog/hive-13323/@splinterlands/splinterlands-art-contest-week-273

From the Splinterlands Wiki: https://splinterlands.fandom.com/wiki/Dwarven_Wizard

A small sect of traveling Dwarves who call themselves the Dwarven Wizards have devised some impressive Magic Tech, after spending some time with the Gobson Engineers. Their magic attacks are slightly weaker than those of organic magic, and they must wear special gauntlets. Still, this achievement of Dwarfkind has caught the attention of the High Council of Archmages. There is an ancient prophecy which states that “When magic issues from the hands of Dwarves, the return of Helio is nigh,” and it seems that time has come.

Created in Clip Studio Paint Pro on a Surface Pro 4. Here is the time lapse video:


And here is the drawing broken down into individual process steps:

One: Rough Draft

dwarven wizard p1.png

Two: Line Art dwarven wizard p2.png

Three: Create a single flat color layer of the entire figure(also hide the rough draft layer) dwarven wizard p3.png

Four: Make separate color layers clipped to the flat layer for hair, leather, iron and gold dwarven wizard p4.png

Five: Shading first pass dwarven wizard p5.png

Five and a half: Used an AI image generator to create a "Wizard's laboratory". This is the image it created...


Six: Insert background into layer. Adjust the size. Also ran it through an artistic filer to make it look a little more painted, and less photographed. Lastly, blurred the background a bit more to create depth. dwarven wizard p6.png

Seven: Because my shading is too timid, I duplicated the shading layer and worked on it a bit more. dwarven wizard p7.png

Eight: Small details like the eyes and that dial on her belt. Create a new glow layer over everything to make arc lightning and also some reflected light off of the miscellaneous objects around her. Also, sign my name in the bottom corner. I realized later that I accidentally signed 2024 already. I'm ahead of my time....

dwarven wizard p8.png

Done. Enjoy!

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