A Unique Type Of Christmas


I started off the day brewing and drinking lots of coffee, watching tons of old eighties motivational seminars. Than I ventured out for a little drive in my car, practically everything was closed because it was Christmas, but the 711 was open, so I grabbed two coffees there, they had a really great deal, got two coffees and reusable cups for two dollars, outside the 711 there was a interesting type guy tweaking out, looking in bushes for something, I couldn't figure out what it was though. Then I went down to the river, it was super foggy outside, all the ducks were just chilling out in the river.

Finally it was noon, I decided I was going to watch a bunch of NBA games, I haven't watched basketball in like a month or something like that. I also thought I will take a risk and put five bucks on the first game which was The New York Knicks VS The Milwaukee Bucks. I put my money on Milwaukee. During the game I saw a very interesting commercial about the system, and we should change the system, the ad was for Coinbase, its good to see commercials like this during television programs


The Milwaukee Bucks got me super paranoid during the first part of the game, ahhh they better make a comeback

And that has been my Christmas so far, How has everybody elses Christmas going??

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