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Happy Tuesday everyone, friends.The day has started with a bright start, with plenty of sunshine since the morning and due to which the weather has been quite warm so far. So looking at the beginning it can be assumed that today's atmosphere will be relatively bright and quite warm.However, sometimes what we assume from the morning picture turns out to be wrong as the afternoon rolls around. It is not yet clear if anything like this will happen today, but since morning the sky is clear and the sun has a good presence. I went out for a while and came back home feeling quite warm.In fact, the body weakens quickly in a hot environment and from our bodies sweating profusely, many of us become dehydrated. I believe that it is mainly due to carelessness, because the body should drink more water as soon as it sweats, and if there is an opportunity, green coconut water or saline should be consumed, so that unexpected situations cannot arise.But it is true that we never try to do anything as per the need but start running and show our restlessness as soon as the problem arises. In any case, if we can be aware from the beginning, then maybe the problem will not arise.Today I will share some scenes I captured yesterday. However, these are some of the scenes captured in the early evening moments, which were originally captured before the sun went down. Sometimes the environment creates a beautiful atmosphere, we perceive a different attraction and at the same time an interest starts working in the mind to see those scenes.*In my case it seems to be a little more, because to me the moment of sunrise and sunset seems to be a great thing,

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Friends, Happy Sunday everyone.Today started off with cloudy conditions, the sky was overcast throughout the day although the sun did try to peek through at times. The sky brightened at times but not for long, again the clouds came in and hid the sun, pretty much the whole day today. But it didn't rain at all today.Although we had an apprehension that it might rain today or it might start raining at any moment. Although I cautiously carried an umbrella with me, as a sudden onset of rain could change the situation and create an uncomfortable situation. And I always try to maintain my cautious position in this matter. Because in any case, nature cannot be trusted much now.In fact our country is a little different where we don't have the opportunity to enjoy the rain all the time. Like sometimes when it starts raining the entire environment becomes empty, the surrounding scenery seems quite beautiful and sometimes when it rains there is a heavy traffic jam, then everything feels humid, everything depends on the situation and depends on the rainfall.However, I was out for quite some time today in cloudy weather, since it didn't rain I got to enjoy some beautiful moments on the busy streets of the city. However, luck was good today due to which there was not much traffic on these roads, you can understand by seeing the scenes. Maybe because of the cloudy environment, not many people came out, but there could be other reasons.But whatever the reason, it must have been good for me, because I got to enjoy the good times. Actually this is our humanity, when our times are good then we find good in everything and when our times are not good then good things seem bad to us, reality really changes our position drastically.*May the beauty of the environment be maintained, may our mindset be right and may everything become so beautiful and enjoyable. Because desp

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Friends, Happy Saturday everyone.Today's start was quite warm, it was very hot in the morning. Because of which today felt a little more unbearable, I had to sweat a lot. To be honest, I'm tired even from home today. At times the atmosphere becomes too warm, making life painful.After being quite uncomfortable, try to go out a little before afternoon, try to enjoy some time with green nature. To be honest, I like open environment, beautiful nature. So I went out to enjoy the liveliness of nature. I saw a beautiful garden next to it, then went there and rested for quite some time.Honestly speaking, body heat is reduced to a great extent after being close to nature, I realized the magic of nature's coolness. In fact, it should be called magic, because when the heat becomes painful for us, the proximity of nature is very cooling, so the real form of magic can be found in nature. This also greatly shocked me.Because we understand the nature but still we are not trying to preserve the vitality of the nature, instead we are destroying the green nature in various ways and cutting down the trees, the warmth is created by us. But we don't understand that and stop unintentionally damaging the environment.However, I saw a beautiful garden there, and there was one of my favorite plants, the China rose flower. I like China rose flower very much, it is beautiful as well as it has many natural qualities. We do not know the things and therefore remain deprived of those benefits. The most important thing is to increase the beauty of the environment and maintain the lively environment.*If only we were a little careful it would be possible to keep the environment beautiful, if we were a little aware it would be possible to keep the environment alive but we are inadvertently trying to avoid this, and as a result we are suffering from overheating. Ju

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Happy Thursday everyone, friends.Today's morning started with a bit cloudy, although later there was a light sunny spell but still cloudy and cold outside. So you can understand that today there is not much warmth and the environment is very cool. Since it rained heavily last night, its effects are still lingering in nature.Sometimes it likes rain, sometimes it likes warmth, it all depends on the situation. But the atmosphere today is pretty good, it's true. Today I will talk about some mottos, which are very important in our life and very necessary to move forward with time. Because some words increase the speed of our life just as some words slow down the pace of our life.sourceOne thing we often say and hear from others is that when an outcome is not to our liking, we call it bad luck. But is it really related to bad luck or something else?Have you ever thought about it, your luck or something else is bad, due to which you are deprived of achieving the correct and beautiful results? See, if you could get the job done correctly and efficiently at the right time, then you might say, well, you're lucky. But why do you blame fate whenever you have neglected work, not done it properly and skillfully? It did not fail due to luck.Rather, you failed in the task because you did not complete the work properly, you did not pay attention to the work and did not show the skills properly. So where does luck come in?So, what should you do? Rather than avoiding the matter by blaming luck, one should instead consider why it failed, where there were problems or deficiencies that need to be fixed quickly and plan to properly complete the next target. If you can be aware and attentive to these things, then I believe you will never say that your luck is bad, and failure will never push you away.*Time always influences everything not luck, believe it first then be conscious and careful with time. Good or bad luck depends entirel

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Friends, Happy Wednesday everyone.Today started with a beautiful atmosphere, the morning was sunny and clear skies. Due to which the environment was quite warm in the early morning. But it was not like that for a long time, suddenly the sky started to change at noon, the sky became very cloudy. Even though it was bright all around, there was no sun, the whole sky was dark.It has become very difficult to understand the nature of nature, due to which the environment is changing very rapidly. Even if there is sunshine in the morning sky, it is changing in the afternoon, again, even if it is raining, the sky is becoming beautiful and clean. In other words, the environment does not stay the same for a long time, it changes in a moment.Maybe it is due to our extreme negligence, we have not tried to increase the amount of green nature. Moreover, we have destroyed the balance of the environment, destroyed the green nature and social forestry. Due to which the environment is losing its natural state, resulting in a rapid change of form, the cloudy sky becoming sunny and the sunny environment being covered in darkness.I went out for a while today around noon, although it wasn't too cloudy. But as soon as I reached my destination, I noticed that the entire sky had turned dark, how empty the roads had become with the cloud cover. Because at this time we have quite a storm here. So people were not willing to take much risk.Because of this, the roads in the city were empty. But I liked it quite a bit, although I had an umbrella with me so I wasn't too scared. But it didn't start raining yet, I took the opportunity to walk along that road for quite some time, trying to enjoy the empty and cloudy environment in a different way. In fact, this does not happen very often on the roads of our city.*Moments of good come so suddenly, we