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Ito naman ang aking ama na sa buong buhay ko ay una pa lang namin magkita sa edad nyang otsenta anyos! Masakit mang Sabihin pero tutuo yan mga Kapatid! Para bagang pang MKK Ang dating:) Huli man, pero nagpapasalamat pa rin ako na makita ko ang aking biological father. May paraan talaga ang Diyos na kami ay pagtagpuin. Ako ay humayo sa lugar na Kay tagal ko nang inasam-asam na mapuntahan para malaman ang mga kasagutan ng aking mga tanong na kay tagal ko itinago sa aking dibdib. Ang masaklap pa ay umuwi ako sa aking tunay na ina sa araw pa mandin ng kanyang libing! Bagama't kami naman ay nakapag-usap pa bago sya binawian ng buhay dahil sa sakit na diabetes. Malala na ito at kailangang putulin ang kanyang isang hita nguni't nagkaron pa rin sya ng seizure pagkatapos maoperahan Ganunpaman, umabot na ito sa kanyang utak. Pagkatapos ng libing ay nag-usap kami ng masinsinan ng aking tiyahin at doon nya isinawalat ang isang sekreto na matagal na nilang ipinagkait sa akin. Sinabi ko sa kanya na matagal ko nang alam ang pangalan ng aking ama nong ako ay dalaga pa ngunit hindi na ako interesado dahil malaki na ako at bawa't isa sa mga magulang ko ay may kani-kanyang mga pamilya na. Sa madaling salita, sinamahan nya ako sa kanilang bahay. Wala na rin Ang asawa nya ok lang. Hmp! Yayamanin nga ang tatay ko ah! Pagkatok namin, ang kanyang panganay na anak na babae ang nagbukas ng pintuan. Magkakilala sila ng tiyahin ko dahil dati silang magkapitbahay.Ipinakilala nya ako bilang panganay na kapatid nila at bigla nya akong niyakap at sabay sambit sa kanyang papa na may naghahanap sa kanya. Sya ay may sakit dahil na rin siguro sa edad nya. Lumabas sya sa kwarto at hinarap Ako, ang unang nasambit nya ay "ikaw ba ang anak ko? Marahan akong itinulak ng tiyahin ko, magmamano sana ako ngunit bigla nya akong niyakap sabay hagulhul. Humingi sya ng tawad. Sabi nya, matagal nya akong hinanap nguni't inilayo nila ako at itinago sa malayong lugar. Para akong binuhusan ng malamig na yelo. Nawala lahat ang galit ko at awa na lamang ang naging kapalit nito. Sabi nya, buti at nagmana ako sa kanya. Lol! Mayabang din pero tutuo dahil an

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#113 Coffee in any way Makes My Day!.Good day everyone!As of writing, I am having my afternoon nap with a big mug oh brewed coffee! Hmmm the aroma itself is refreshing! I slept the whole afternoon because I took meds (citirizine) for anti allergy since I was itching all over. I guess it was something I've eaten. Anti allergy meds makes one groggy so never take one when you're driving to avoid mishaps! I was still dizzy when I woke up but feel so relaxed. It makes your body rest. My body seems tensed after several nights of sleepless nights since I needed to finish my job as a researcher of one of my valued clients. Coffee is the key guys! It keeps your nerves steady!First of all, I want my coffee brewed. I like the aroma while pouring hot water into it. Believe it or not, I am having severe headaches when I can't have a cup of coffee when I wake up in the morning! I am pretty sure that coffee drinkers can relate to this!:) It's addicting actually. Coffee makes my day!I buy coffee powder from my friend and my helper do the roasting herself. She's an expert when it comes to roasting coffee beans. Roasting it in small quantity makes a perfect quality since you can control the heat and how you wanted it to be. Putting a bit of butter and sugar will regulate the bitter taste making its aroma so enticingly becoming and savory! My friend not only jave a coffee shop. They sell ground coffee too and they have their own grinder. They sell Robusta coffee beans which are grown locally.![](

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Greetings everyone! The question is, "Which is which?" I would say that both is feasible depending on your way of life. There are those who are blinded by the limelights in the urban places because of what they saw on TV or through the social media. Some gambled to look for a greener pasture so they say. Some would like to try their luck in the city and escape the hard life in the rural areas. There are those who ended up as failures but they're ashamed to return home and be bullied. In our country, I have witnessed women who gambled in going to the city to be hired as domestic helpers to find out later that they were scammed and ended up I'm red houses! Some got lucky to have found good employers, and some married their employers! It's true guys! I have witnessed the life of my former house helper who used to wash our clothes. Well, bearing 5 kids is not that easy so I turned to them. They themselves look for these kinds of jobs as their way of living. With intention to help her mother, her daughter decided to take her chances in Manila who were Japanese couple. She was lucky to have found good employer and they even helped her to go with them in Japan where she got married to a Japanese which changed their lives. She began sending money to her mother to have their house renovated and she often send them household stuffs including dresses and everything nice. They've put up a bakery so that they will have something to rely on as the need arises.But not all things happen this way. Some ended with bad people. One neighbor ended up being beaten and maltreated to the extent of not letting her eat on time and she's not allowed to go out. They would lock the door when they go out or they would lock her inside the bathroom without anything to eat. But luck is still on her side when a visitor went to the apartment and saw the plight of this helper who managed to slip a paper to the visitor, asking to call the police as she was in danger. She was saved and her employers were sent to jail. Despite of all these happenings, there are those who still want to go to the big cities!It's natural to have ambition in life and that's normal, right? More often than n

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(Photos: Some of my creations: Band uniforms, Antonia's Moana costume on her 9th birthday, a cute dress for a pet poodle, and gown for beauty pageant of my daughter and finally, her wedding gown.)Greetings to you all ladies of Hive Community and my readers! I chose question no. 2, which is about how people see you and how you wish people saw you. A lady like me who has undergone high and low waters since I was born in this world and who has survived all the turmoil in life will say that I have become what I am today by God’s grace. Without Him, I would have been nothing but a useless human being! I am humbled by this statement because I used to blame the people around me when I was down or when I was being bullied by others when I was a kid, I had no will to defend myself but sulk and cry silently in one corner, blaming my irresponsible parents for my what I have become! But thinking of the past my dear friends, has molded me to become a stronger version of myself and face the world bravely. I have no one to defend me and much more, a real family to stand by my side! Thanks to my education and the consoling words of my friends have become my strength to bravely face what is instilled in me as I face my destiny. (Photos: My crocheted pouches and sling bag, and DIY maternity bag out of a woolen apron.)Our teacher in Mathematics once told us that ‘For every problem, there’s a solution’. As I was trying to dig deeply into what she said, I fully agreed with this. Indeed, there’s a solution to every problem! It’s like if you have no money, then look for means and if they bully you, never mind them but strive harder to be your better self! I have had the habit of making beautiful things from scraps which we now call DIYs since I was a kid. I have become sort of a loner I kept myself busy by making rug dolls out of the scraps from the cuttings of my auntie. I can sew by hand in fine stitches being slow in my ways. They even call me “slow foot”!![Polish_20240607_073551309.jpg](