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There are no mistakes, only learning experiences. 馃叡馃叞馃唩馃叴馃叺馃吘馃吘馃唭 馃唫馃唲馃吔馃叾馃叞馃唹馃吀馃吔馃叾 馃吙馃叿馃吘馃唭馃吘馃叾馃唩馃叞馃吙馃叿馃叴馃唩 馃唭馃唩馃唲馃唭馃叿馃唫馃叴馃叴馃吅馃叴馃唩 馃吋馃叞馃吔馃吀馃叺馃叴馃唫馃唭馃吘馃唩

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23. May 2024

When i took on the latest piece of land one year ago, basically as a favour to a friend who doesn't have time to look after it herself, i had no idea it would lead me to a small area at the back which overlooks a lush valley filled with bamboo and a huge variety of birds, at the bottom of which there is a rushing river and a realisation that no one ever comes here, except myself and the pigs. It calls me day and night in a way that cannot be explained with words and i feel compelled not only to look after it (despite having no idea to whom it belongs) but also to create a meditation space at the edge of this special valley from which i can birth the next generation of thoughts to elevate my family & i.In the afternoons when the sun moves to the other side of the valley there is a light here which is incomparable to any other type of lighting i have had the pleasure of sitting under and i wonder now if this is might be one of the reasons why bamboo is associated spirituality? Back when i was just a teenager i learned about 'The Dream Machine' of William Burrows, a rotating card cylinder with cut out shapes around a light bulb which emulates a hypnotic state Burrows experienced while in a moving car with closed eyes and the light of the setting sun on his face was obstructed by equidistant trees along the edge of the road. Here you can see Brian Bysin & William Burrows using the machine in 1972. I reproduced the machine when i was at University in 1998, interested to experience the results from a Technics turntable in my bedroom and indeed there was some kind of strange sub-reality hypnotic state to be achieved after spending a relative amou

26. Apr 2024

There has been very little in the way of rain here in the south of France during what is normally our wet season so i was quite excited when i saw our weather forecast looking like this today. Two weeks of rain would be such a dream! Why? Because we have done most of our spring planting already so this would basically mean there is nothing to do on our land and i will have two weeks for inside and computer based projects, of which there are many outstanding! Beyond our own garden the land here is very dry and everything will sing with life again after such a wet period.It also offers the opportunity to store rainwater for what i suspect is going to be a very hot summer with periods in which there will be no water in the canal.Fate would have it that a very good friend in the village gave us a 300L container just a few weeks ago so at once i set about digging it into the ground to become a collection point for the water at the entrance to our Spiral Garden, right where everyone can see it.The corrugated roofing piece i have used to catch the rain was sitting around in a local forest, waiting for this moment, like so many other now essential items around our garden. The bamboo i have used to support it is from our bamboo forest, just beyond the Spiral Garden. I cut it sparingly and always with the upmost respect, making sure to bless the strong green shoots with my hands before cutting them from their mother root system. The container lid (seen at the end there) can still be placed on the top when it is full, to prevent mosquitos from breeding. ![GOP