'A Cute Teddy Bear Cat' - Authentic Digital Illustration


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Hellooooo my freezing friends.

The winter is not at all planning to come to an end, and here I am, almost on the verge of dying. Still praying with my heart out for it not to exactly end but yeah, maybe come to a contract where it is much tolerable. Oh, Merry Christmas to all. With my bumble-bumble, I totally forgot that today is a very special day for all. I hope you all have enjoyed it and are having fun. So, interestingly, I got this illustration for you that was one of my best pieces that actually complements today. I wasn't aware of it at first, but now as I am typing it makes all sense. I hope you all enjoy the shorts.

Sometimes you cannot stop drooling over something. That is when I start sketching. It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction. So, today, this art that I represent to you is none other than an art piece that is inspired by a photograph that drew my attention.

Without much further pep-talks, let me share the illustration. So, "A Cute Teddy Bear Cat" illustration, is my forty-sixth illustration video.


Arigato Gozaimasu. I hope you all like it and share your comments. Have a wonderful life.

A reminder, this illustration is done in ibis paint x. This is solely from my imagination and so is most of my art. If you are up for more cat types of illustrations you can follow me on https://www.pinterest.com/meenuislam/, and https://www.youtube.com/@cherrys2985. Have a great day.

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