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IntroductionAfter joining hive few months back, the idea of getting a physical job has began to fade away, as i have realize that there are several opportunities that comes with having good information and understanding how to work with I literally never believed in digital financial opportunities until i became part of it myself.Generally, when digital financial opportunity is mentioned in a public place, it is certain that 80% of people would have a suspicious smell of scam. This is literally not there fault, because they might have been filled with the wrong information or happend to have fall for a scam. Joining the club of elites that chase after information and make a proper use of digital tech has enlighten me and opened my eyes to see several opportunities that lies beyond using mere internet for communication.If we are to take a good look at how different people view digital technologies and Power Of InformationBefore joining the hive platform, i could remember making series of research of any good platform where anyone could earn using digital device. Though, the research was n't easy due to billions of search results available on the interent, but finding hive was n't a waste of time after all.The internet is regarded as a global village, but i call it a global city where wealth lies. The internet literally contains information that could either make us or break us.We literally take the internet for granted because we don't understand the worth of informations stored in it. So many financial opportunities that requires working with our personal digital devices all lies as information on the internet.This information worth so much that we barely find them by making research or hear of any from our neighbours close door. But does that mean that they don't exist ?, Of course they do.Information can be very power that it only needs princip

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IntroductionIn the ever busy world of business, some people would prefer working for others while some would prefer working for themselves. Which ever we prefer, we've always known that having a personal business is better.The tendency to manage every situation in a personal business gives the owner a 100% authority over every affair regarding his/her business.The profits and losses that comes in are basically what a business owner should be able to accept, because he/she is incharge. In the reality of life, we've always find it very easy to start a race, project, business, etc, but sustaining it for a very long time becomes the major problem. Along the long run of a business, momentum to keep going forward starts decreasing which might possibly shatter the business growth. Ideally as humans, when we are tide down to one particular task for a very long time, there is a certain lost of concentration along the run. This can also be related to operating a business for long.The human nature naturally loves making challenge, by checking out for other new opportunities.Why Sustaining Sounds Difficult ?Ideally, anyone can wake up one morning and start up a business using a very large sum, without picturing how long that business would run.So, starting a business is what everyone could possibly do as long as the capital is intact, but where the problem lies is sustaining it.The reason why sustaining a business can sound very difficult is because of how lengthy it might take the business to grow. i.e, humans are naturally scared of making a very slow growth while starting a business.In a proper sense, operating a business can be different for everyone depending on the growth factor. This growth factor basically act as the energizing and weakening factor that can either motivate or discourage a business owner.And when there are negative factors, the probability of failure is certain.Quick To FallingSincerely, we shouldn't neglect the fact that some businesses falls even after maintaining a strong sustainable growth after a lengthy period of time.The idea of lost of concentration is not longer the problem in this context,

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IntroductionThe basic idea for an alternative is to give almost equal opportunity to those who are less privilege or those who have missed out from a bigger opportunity. i.e Alternative serves as a balancing factor between those who are opportune and those with less opportunity.In a general sense, every aspect of life now has an alternative, ranging from products that are available in the market to investment plans. Looking vividly at every brand that are available in the market today, they have different selling price tag. The reason for different price tag is basically for different opportunities that can serve buyers a chance of making purchases also.Assuming we went into a supermarket, and we realise that all different brands of bread are sold for same price which is not price friendly, we might possibly end up not buying anything due to the fact that all prices are same, and we lack the opportunity to go for an alternative.The power of alternative has being a balancing stance between those who are opportune and less opportune. We as humans have somehow taken the power of alternative for granted.The idea of making investment is generally for future purposes. Investment plans are of different categories, which has also help those who have less investment budget.CryptocurrencyAlternative Crypto InvestmentThe new world of digital The crypto market today is now filled with thousands of cryptocurrency, where all token have their own project.Surprisingly, when we ask so many people what token they are willing to invest a $1000 on, the first thing that comes to their mind is Why not [Hive](

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IntroductionWhen most people finds out that something of interest to them is difficult, they tend to make a U-turn due to the complex nature of whatever is of interest, While others might just want to dig out a possible solution by sorting out every related difficulty.The existence of complexity is a balance stance to simplicity. i.e the word simplicity takes the opposite meaning of complexity.Various approach to different situation can either be complex or simplified. One of this situation is the approach to making money.The human races is currently known to making money for surviver, no matter what challenges they face. Some people makes money in a smart way which signifies simplicity, while others takes a hard tunnel which signifies complexity.Mathematics, which is the basic course to every science subject has driven so many people away from it due to the complex approach learners uses. But other persons have being able to overcome those complexity and grab the logic behind it. This is also common with the Theoretically, the blockchain Is this technology that hard ?.Ways To UnderstandJust like the approach most people have realized in understanding the logic behind mathematics, there are approach that also helps in understanding the complexity of this blockchain technology.Since this blockchain technology is a distribution of records in form of ledger in different computers that are connect in peers, its means that the complexity of this technology can be simplified using digital technologies.This