We Will Be Patiently Waiting.




We were a group of people, Hardworking and very talented, Striving to make ends meet, And also to leave our mark on this world.

Then we got It! An offer that we couldn't refuse, A chance to help take away a little, Of our financial burden.

It came with its juicy benefits, And rewards we couldn't turn down, So we thought, could this be it? Could this be the hope we needed?

So we took the offer, And we worked tirelessly, It was more than what we thought, But we were very determined.

Our commitment was too strong, We thought it would soon be over, Instead, more tasks were piled on us, Yet, we did everything to complete them.

After so long, it finally ended, And we were relieved, we did our part, And all that is left, Is to get was due to us.

We listened to their promises, So we waited patiently We waited humbly, Till we couldn't wait any longer.

Will our labor be in vain? We wondered, We stayed glued to our screens, Waiting for that call, But it never came.

So what's the way forward? someone asked, We all looked at each other but, No one could provide an answer, To the questions hitting deep in our hearts.

With sunken eyes, All we can do is to hope, And pray that they fulfill their promise, But for now, we will be patiently waiting.

Keep every promises you make and only make promises you can keep - Anthony Hitt

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