The Last Brawl Report - Opening Gladius Case And Focus Chest | Splinterlands 25 December 2023


Battles in Brawl have been quite challenging lately, and winning battles and coming first has become even more difficult. I can say that Brawl has become more difficult, especially for those who do not have Rebellion cards in their deck, so I am doing market research and planning to buy Rebellion packs to add Rebellion cards to my deck. As the Dark Assassins guild, we managed to come first in the last Brawl.

In the last Brawl, I fought 7 battles and won 6 of them, collecting 18 points. I can honestly say that all my guildmates did a great job.

We received 3,375 Merits and 21.875 SPS as rewards in the last Brawl. Also, I bought and opened two Gladius Cases after Brawl because I really need gladiator cards.

Opening Gladius Case

Honestly, I love all the Gladiator cards and would love to upgrade them all to the highest level. That's why it doesn't really matter which cards I get from the cases, but I can say that I want to get the gold ones more. I got 4 rare cards and 6 common cards, one of which is gold, from the packs. I'm especially glad I got the Gold Foil Isgald Vorst card because it's one of the gladiator cards I use the most in battles.

FOCUS REWARDS (My Rewards in the Last 3 Days)

The rewards I got from focus chests in the last 3 days were not bad at all, especially I am very happy that I got Pembrook Nymph Summoner cards because I managed to upgraded it to level 5 today.

I really want to play in the gold league all season, but it is really difficult to play and win battles in the Gold league with level 4 summoners, so I aim to upgrade all my summoner cards to at least level 5, and I believe that when I do this, I will be more successful in the Gold league. Pembrook Nymph is one of my most preferred summoner cards and I'm happy to level it up to level 5 today and I believe it will help me a lot in the gold league. I haven't used the level 5 one yet and I can't wait to use it.

I'm looking forward to the next Brawl, I hope you're having a great and fruitful season in Splinterlands. Good luck to you all.

Thank you for reading. @rtonline

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