My Holozing Creature Background Contest | Grass Raccoon Characters


Hello there, Holozing community. It's been a few weeks since my holozing post. This time, I can get back to writing for the Holozing community. Despite my hectic schedule at the end of the year, I continue to stake and claim ZING.

In this post, I also want to enter the Holozing contest. Thank you to @holozing who held this contest. This contest has been running for nearly a week and is about to come to an end. Click to see the full detail of the contest

I set aside some time today in front of the computer to create a holozing creature background. I hope my work contributes to the excitement of this competition.

raccoon transparent.png

The raccoon was the creature I chose to design. I'd like to create a creature background with a forest setting.

Draw Process

The first step is for me to draw lines to depict the atmosphere of a densely forested forest. Tree and plant shapes can be seen on the left and right sides of the image area.

Draw Line.png

The image will now be colored. I also offer color variations in Green, Yellow, and Brown.


The following step is to add some details to the dense forest atmosphere.

Add Details.png

I began by removing the first lines that formed the color pattern. As a result, it appears simple, with color shapes that create a forest atmosphere.

Remove Lines.png

Final Background

Then I added some shadow details to create the atmosphere of the sun setting. This is the finished product after tidying up several colors to make the shape better and neater.

Create Shadow.png

With the creature

And this is the final result after I added a Raccoon in the middle of the forest background.

With Raccoon.png

Thank you for taking the time to read all the way through my post.

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