Creative-Sunday; dream cartcher


Hello everyone welcome to HL Creative-Sunday, today I will be making a dream catcher.

Here in Africa kids believes in anything their parents tells them, I and my children were watching a movie last night and immediately my little princess said it she said to me, "Mummy can we make a dream catcher". I laughed because that was just a craft to me but she believed that since the girl in the movie has it at the entrance of her room it's working.

She asked again, "What is a dream catcher for?" I don't have a choice but to explain to her, "It is used to catch bad dreams".

"So mummy let's do it," she replied. Children and their soft minds.

So let's see what I can do with these little materials.

Carton Cardboard Gum Watercolor Pen

The procedure

I made use of a pen to draw a love shape on the carton, then used scissors to cut it out.

I drew a smaller love shape inside the big one and cut it out as well because I wouldn't need the space.

I drew very small love shapes on cardboard with a pen and then cut them out.

I also drew oval shapes and then I cut that out too.

Now let's bring everything together, I made use of gum to place the small love shapes on the bigger love shapes one by one until there was no space on the love shape again.

I made of the gum to place the oval shapes on the smaller spaces between those love shapes to form a flower.

After that, I turned it to the other side I cut a line and another small love shape then gum it at the downside of the love shape.

I also cut a curve shape then gum it at the upper side and that will be the hanger.

Lastly, I made use of watercolor to do dots in different colors on the small love shapes.

And now my little princess dream catcher is ready to catch all the bad dreams at night.

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