Under the sea with Water Whale 🐳 | My Holozing Creature Background Contest.


Hello Holozing Community! I hope you are well. It's been several days since I've posted content on Hive, although I've been interacting a lot.

I follow this project and I'm generating Zing tokens and seeing excellent drawings on the backgrounds of the Holozing characters yesterday, I was motivated to participate in the https://ecency.com/hive-131131/@holozing/holozing-creature-background-contest that is almost 7 days old. I am not an artist but I gave my best in the process. I am an engineer, I know something about plans and architectures but I will enjoy the creative process of drawing, from time to time I do something on my Tablet, I learn along the way as self-taught in digital art, the little I have been learning I teach it to the children at home.

I won't keep you any longer, let's get to the process! 🖌🎨

Using the ibisPaint X app on my Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, I started by making an eraser with faint lines.

Screenshot_20231224_165406_ibisPaint X.jpg

Then I went on to mark with darker lines the shapes that looked best. Using the Pen (soft) a lot.

Screenshot_20231224_171234_ibisPaint X.jpg

It was followed by creating the seabed, with its various shades and contrasts. And who doesn't like the beauty of the seabed? One of the things that influenced me in choosing Water Whale 🐳 for https://ecency.com/hive-131131/@holozing/holozing-creature-background-contest. I used the Fill and Borrosion tool a lot.

Screenshot_20231224_172918_ibisPaint X.jpg

I continued with an old wrecked boat to follow the sand in the background.

Screenshot_20231224_183502_ibisPaint X.jpg

Screenshot_20231224_184142_ibisPaint X.jpg

It remained for me to draw the other elements of the sea and polish them little by little.

Screenshot_20231224_190307_ibisPaint X.jpg

Almost finished, I was already in the details and reviewing what else I could contribute. Emphasizing shadows and lights. Using a lot of the Aerograph (Normal).

The duration time of the drawing was more than 6 hours. I take a long time doing the strokes but I enjoy the way 😊.

This was the Final Result.

6 sin título_20231225040144.png

6 sin título_20231225040842.png

What did you think? I will continue to support the project. My admiration to the team.

See you soon. 👋


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