Grilled fish


Good afternoon everyone, how are you, friends who are here, who are always active, today I meet again with all my friends and want to entertain the friends who are here, I hope today is a pleasant day for all of you and at this meeting I am very happy once can meet you here.

At this meeting I will show some pictures of healthy grilled fish that I captured some time ago at one of the party places in our area. Coincidentally, at the party place, the fish is grilled for the food menu and the grilling process is done together because in every At parties there is always grilled fish for the menu of invited guests or missing family at the party venue. Well, the process of grilling the fish is done at around 9 in the morning before we start arriving. After I have eaten it, it is then served for the menu for the guests invited there and we also It was very busy coming there to help at one of the wedding parties. This is the atmosphere at a wedding party in the village in our area. That's all from me. I hope this will interest the friends here.

All the pictures of grilled fish above that I have shown were taken with a cellphone camera.

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