Flower photography and my feelings about flowers.


A person who does not like flowers may not be found. I think everyone loves flowers very much and those who love flowers have a soft heart. Many people who love flowers may make a small garden in the yard of their house from an empty space where nothing is done. To be honest, we all wish to have our own private flower garden where we can spend beautiful moments in these three seasons every afternoon and evening. Nowadays everyone is very much attracted towards flowers. Many people plant flowers on the roof or balcony because there is not much free space in their home yard. Basically, flowers are not only very attractive for decoration, but besides decoration, flowers protect the balance of the environment. I have a lot of interest in flowers since my childhood because I used to make a small garden of flowers in a small place in my house. Although that garden has been lost with the passage of time, now that little garden is no more. I made that small garden through many efforts but there is a small reason behind the garden lost, basically that incident I am going to share with you.



When I was at home due to studies, there was a small space beside the house where I prepared to make my garden. I worked hard for a long time and made a garden there but after a few days I had to go out due to my studies. Since I was not at home, no one could take care of the flower garden. When I was out, I used to check on my small garden by phone sometimes, but due to lack of timely maintenance, the garden slowly decayed, basically my flower plants started dying but no one took care of the garden. After a long time, I came home and saw that the flowers were almost dead. I got a lot of grief, I got a lot of pain that maybe I couldn't explain to anyone or show anyone.



After that, I thought many times that I would make a new garden, but due to not being at home, I never managed to make a garden that way. Although I don't have a garden myself, but if I see this flower plant when I travel somewhere, I am always attracted to that flower. Most of the time I spend among those flowers, it is almost impossible to find a person who does not like flowers. And I am a flower lover, you may have understood by now. Sometimes we go to the field. When we go to the field, we see many kinds of flowers. I may not know the name of the flowers that are seen in the field, but I want to do photography when I see the flowers. It is so nice to come home from that photography and see the flowers in the phone album.



Now it is winter and during this winter farmers sow mustard in their fields. Mustard flowers look very beautiful especially yellow and only yellow around. Photography may be possible to photograph several mustard flowers together but when you look in front of a mustard field all you can see is yellow all around and you standing in the middle. Especially when you stand in front of a mustard field, a scent will enter your nose that may be different from everything else. I can't tell you how sweet the scent is. Sometimes in the afternoon, going to the field and sitting on the aisle of the mustard field, there is no smell. Basically, sitting next to a mustard field, one thing I can appreciate is that the sight of bees buzzing around on mustard flowers is much more interesting to me.


Although I don't have a flower garden now, but when I walk on the road, if I see a flower in front of my eyes, I still can't hold myself back. I always try to photograph flowers and it is very nice to see those photographs later. I think there are many people among you who love flowers so much that they always yearn to create a flower garden. If you still observe in the community, it can be seen that many people love flowers and have created a flower garden in their school yard, and maybe some have made a small garden on the roof of the house and some have made a small garden on the balcony. Of course they are also spending beautiful morning and evening moments in that little garden. Morning and evening are really nice to smell the flowers.


Flowers carry the meaning of love, that's why people love flowers so much. Of course, nothing is possible without flowers, for example, from marriage to the very end, we address each other with flowers at the beginning of love or to be bound in love. In addition to love, we also use flowers to show respect to someone. Basically, if you notice that there is no substitute for flowers in personal life, flowers are contributing to something in every place. There is no other medium that contains love like flowers. If you spend some time in a small garden, you may realize that a lot of changes have come in your mind, your mind will become softer than before and will want to love everything. Whenever I have time, I try to spend time with flowers, it is good for both mind and soul. This was my flower photography today and some of my feelings about flowers. Hope you like my feeling very much.

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