Celine's birthday-monomad challenge


Hello to all my dear friends in the black and white community, how are you? Today I want to share with you some photos of my little model's birthday, her name is Celine, she is a very lovely girl. This was my selection of images for the #Monomad challenge Stay with me and see the photos together.

7175.jpg These photos are from summer Celine's mom had prepared a beautiful summer outfit for the photoshoot and also bought a cupcake for the photoshoot (cupcakes are a great option for birthday photos). Celine was sitting on a bridge over the water and I asked her to hold the cake in front of her. So that I could get a good picture and he listened and acted as always, and the result was a beautiful picture.


Celine's mother then asked me to take a high angle portrait of Celine sitting down It was a good idea and I did it. Celine has bright eyes (blue) and although the photo is black and white, the brightness of her eyes can be clearly seen... I have to give special thanks to Celine's mother because she always uses attractive accessories such as necklaces and bracelets for photography. I asked Celine to smile in order to take a picture of her, the result of this idea was a very beautiful picture... Of course, one thing you should know is that in outdoor birthday photography because the wind is blowing, it is better not to light the candle and edit the candle flame with Photoshop. In all these photos, I lit the candle flame with Photoshop. IMG_7074.jpg This photo was taken completely spontaneously. Celine made interesting poses with the cake on the road for her mother who was taking pictures of her with her cell phone backstage and I took this opportunity to take this photo of her with a telephoto lens. I liked it very much. IMG_7174.jpg And finally, we decided to have a memorable photo of this beautiful day without cake... So, I asked Celine to lean against the tree and strike a beautiful pose. He's still a kid but he poses very professionally and it's great... The result was a very beautiful portrait. I loved all these photos and it was such a beautiful and memorable day. I am very happy to be able to record these children's childhood moment by moment because it is very enjoyable and full of positive energy... I hope you like the photos. I am so grateful to all my dear friends in the black and white community who always support me I wish success and health to all of you dear ones. Bye.

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