Sorting out the Hive-Engine Dregs...


When you've been around the Hive ecosystem a while (6.5 years!), and Vested in a few projects for the profit and lolz over the years, you end up with dozens of tokens from mainly failed projects which just end up being annoying.

So I finally got around to just selling these dregs of tokens the other day. At least for the ones where there's a swap market left...

What was quite handy is that Hive-Engine was having a period of delayed transactions so I managed to screen capture everything I offloaded, and for your entertainment and pleasure I thought some of you might enjoy this trip down memory lane.

The first lot....

NOT all of these are failed projects (some are), just projects I'm not really interested in!

I swapped for a grand total of.... around 1.2 HIVE!

Screenshot (234).png

  • I used to hold a lot more BEE, it is the token one requires to create tokens on Hive-Engine, at 100 BEE tokens per new token, but given that MOST Hive-Engine tokens don't interest me that much, it seems counter intuitive to hold onto much of this! I do actually hold some in the HIQs:BEE pool, but that's enough!
  • My ONLY regret out of the above is swapping LasseCash for Hive, I should have just sent that to null instead, to reflect the coin's true value. Total shitcoin this one!
  • MEME... Not sure what the point of this is, flat price for three months
  • NEOXAG - basically just a tag and earn for the sake of it token, as you'd expect, the usual drift down in price as everyone just tags and sells, like me!
  • SIM - Well I don't play SIM CITY, good lulck to everyone that does!
  • TEAMPH - Team Philippines...? Whatever, I don't care, thanks for the $0.05 though!
  • WEED - Actually the one token I have a soft spot for, but I was having a clear out and I have to draw the line somewhere!

The Dregs - another just >1 HIVE!

Screenshot (235).png

  • FARM token, OMG another failed Aggy project if I remember correctly.... actually 0.3 Hive seems quite reasonable for this! DEAD!
  • LIST - Something to do with ListNerds I think.... I know they do something, but not really sure what...? Stable price, nothing exciting.
  • PHOTO - no idea? Not even sure why I have this!
  • PLN - Pollen Loop Network - WTF.. Something to do with WEED or DCROPS...?
  • Starbits, never played Rising Star, but I know a lot of people enjoy it.
  • Swap.doge, total waste of time...?
  • Swap.steem - better go wash my hands. Is there really still a market for this?
  • THIA - again, WTF...? Don't know and don't really care!

There were more but

There was no swap market for many of the others, and TBH I don't think it's worth my time putting sell orders on, that's more hassle.

Maybe one day if I find myself in desperate need of $0.60 I will!

Still, I enjoyed my little trip down memory lane!

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