Reddit Posh Stats For 2023-12-25


Today, we distributed 25 tokens to 2 Reddit posts.

Hive username Tokens earned today Post
@daveyjones8 4.54545455
@dx68 20.45454545
Today we had 0 new users register() for a total of 194.
The rewards generated by these posts are only used to evolve the project to support traffic coming into the hive ecosystem.

Top earners

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The following subreddits are not eligible for rewards: hivenetwork, LeoFinance, Ecency, Splinterlands, Actifit, HiveBlogPosts, HivePH, HiveNet, hiveblocks, Open_Dialogue, Cocina_Creativa, Wordfall, newsoffinance. Post in other subreddits to earn POSH rewards.

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