Trading and Keeping your risk management in chek


Spot Bitcoin E.T.F inevitable. Has been the news on every crypto media platforms. Away from the E.T.F Everyone else is talking about. The bill run that’s about to happen in ‘24 based on their calculations and timing of the market. Are we about to experience a bill run like no other?

Too much is currently going on in the crypto market, now more than ever. One should quickly step back and evaluate them selves, their plays in the bear market, what are you happy or sad about and what areas would you like to see change in the coming year and the potential it holds in line with what you stand to gain.

A king reminder, web2 is algorithmic driven and possible you may end up seeing news relating to your interests on the coins that went parabolic. Making one loose sight of the true picture of the markets. Now more than ever is the best time to open a journal and methodically start tracking your plays positioning yourself to get the best out of the market. As opposed to following everything crypto twitter and the media is putting out there.

Not only is web2 algorithmic driven. Most of the platforms that comment on crypto feed from the views given to them as the psychologically play around with viewers to get them clicking on posts through click bait.

by the rumor, sell the news

if is free, you are the product.

With the FUD and calls to action based on which coin will do what. It’s easy to follow your emotions and start following the hype and trends, mismanaging all that you have been doing and putting in place for the longest time. Resulting in loosing it all.

Even as main stream media begins to shill and mention different coins based on what they did

which results in you buying the top

It best to remember currencies on hive are still at a discount. Others have started taking off like SpS which has been making steady gains in the recent passed, before you know it. The governance currency of splinterlands will be back at a dollar card and prices at another all time high. Now more than ever is the best time to accumulate and also get in action as it’s not all about paying but being part of the community and participating to pack to bags and get the ready for valahala. It’s always best to look at hive as the foundation , develop a spot strategy and finally play around with trading if you know how and been horning those skills through the bear market.

None of the above is financial advise, but a call to deliberately creat plays that will put you ahead of the hype and ready for the bill cycle claimed to start soon.

Thanks for reading, all the best and remember to stick to your strategy, it is your campus in the crypto ocean.

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