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Hello everyone, welcome back to Ramadhanight's Hive Blog. For this Hive Learner Contest, We got the challenge to talk about what would you do if you can save the world from hunger, poverty and diseases by sacrifice ourself. Here is my thought !The World and It's Problem Hunger, Poverty, and Diseases is serious problem the world is faced right know. I do believe that our beloved earth has provide us with enough source for everyone, if only we are willing to manage it right. The dream of living without any hunger, poverty, and disease is blocked by human's ambition, to be the best in the world, to be able to stand in front of the other, to have the power to rules people, or maybe the evil desires to see the other are fall behind us. We can see how there are many super rich people, that rules the modern world, with their economics system. They can control the politics of nation, due to their power with mega money they had. If only, those rich people are willing to spent some of their wealth to save the poor, we might able to see without any hunger and poverty. Even the disease are might comes from the bad ambition, because medice could be an interesting business option, due to the urgency for the people that want to be healthy. With so many people and their own mind, it's so hard to resolve all of the problem on this world.If Only a Sacrifice Could Solve ItIf only a sacrifice of myself could save the world, will I doing that ? This is quite hard question because as a person, I also have people that I love. I'm affraid that my wife and sons will have a hard time if I'm not there. I want my sons to have their father figures when they growing up, and so my wife needed a support to take care of them. But, the reward for let the world free from the hunger, povert, and disease is just too good to let it

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Hello everyone, welcome back to Ramadhanight's Hive Blog. For this Hive Learner Contest, We got the challenge to write the moral code that we kept for our life. Now I want to share mine, let's start this session!Never Take Advantage of Someone's Kindness We live in the world, where we are interacted with other people. Sometimes, they need us, and sometimes, we need other people's help. One value that I want to keep until now is, never take advantage of someone's kindness. This is important, because people might lose their interest to help you or will have a disrespect to you once you try to take advantage from them. Basically, don't do something that you don't want someone's to to that for you. I do believe that everything that good happens to us is coming from God, and we should always be grateful for that, and so being thankful for the person that help us. If we could, then try to help them back whenever they need you, this is how we should respond on people's kindness in my opinion. This way, people can helping each other with a happy feeling and remember that we need each other and can rely to that person when we need them.Toxic People Might Do ItOn a workplace, or on a society, we might face that people that often taking advantage of people's kindness. They only think about getting benefit for themselves. This is not a society we want, but some people are just like that. I already know some people on my workplace that having this habit. This cause most employee are unwilling to show what they are able to, and tend to avoid helping work mate or giving idea about something new, because they are afraid that they will exploited to do someone's job or imposed with new job that they had to do alone. Someone's kindness should never be a weakness or exploited !![Dvder.png](

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Introduction Hello my dear friend on hive community, wish you had a great day! After a year and half in a little Island called Moro, I had a call from my Boss that informed me that I will be back to Batam City again soon. Is that a good stuff ? Well, I believe God has a good plan for us, but I just want to share about my thought about this moving things.Life As Civil ServantMoving from a city to another is something that need much effort and money, as you need to consider about selling your stuff because it just might not worth or unable to move them out to the new place. But, as a civil servant in Indonesia, you need to vow that you will accept to move to any place your organization ask you to. There is no option because in the end, you need to accept that everything about your job is depend on your boss authority. Image from: My career as civil servant is start from Batam city, and after a year working I decide to married with a special office colleagues. She then resign as she pregrant our first son. After spent 4 years in Batam, I'm assigned to moved to Moro, an Island of Karimun Regency. This moving things is because my wife had a mental issues and cause my performance on the office is declined. Now after one and half year, my boss told me that He will moved me back, saying that there will be a change on the boss position, and he want to saved me on the main office in order avoid moved to far place.My Thought Of ItWell, for my personal life, it would be better to stay at this place, because I had more free time to spent with my family. On the main office, we often to work overti