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Hello everyone, welcome back to Ramadhanight's Hive Blog on Splinterlands Weekly Socmed Challenge's Session. For this week Challenge, I want to share about the art of playing splinterlands on low mana cap ruleset, where there is 2 contrass strategy that could lead us to the win, what is that ? Let's see how it goes !Battle of The Week Let's see a battle I've found today before we talk about the strategy. On this match, where the team only able to use 15 mana, there is strict option to play a strategy. First let's take a look at the ruleset, because it can cause a major impact on the game. First rules is the close range where the ranger can attack from first position, this could be a boost for any range monster because they can attack from the front. The second rules is no armor, this mean all physical attack have a boost because they won't face any armor that block their attack.I personally trying to take an advantage of the ruleset by put physical assasin that attack the backline with the sneak ability, with pelacor and uraeus that could land 7 damage in 1 turn plus a chance for a poison by the uraeus.My enemies, on the other side, is trying the simple strategy by trying to get the oshanus to wipe everything with the help of martyr ability.Battle Result My team win the match with just losing single monster on the front. My enemies failed to reach the martyr oshanus, because my attack were focus to aim the backline. The speed bonus from summoner and high speed from the monster itself cause my