Hello to all my friends,I hope everyone is well.I hope your days are going well.And your days will be better in the future.And I am also very good in your support. Friends, Last week I went to Ranikhet for a pleasure visit with my friend. It is 40 kilometres far from Almora. Friends, we left Almora at 8 in the morning. It took 2 hours to reach Ranikhet, as soon as we reached there my friend said let's go for a walk. So we went to Rani lake first. This lake is 100 meters long. The view of the lake was very beautiful. I captured the photos of the lake on my mobile phone. Friends, here people come to see this lake, whoever comes to Ranikhet, they definately come to see this lake because the view of this lake is so attractive and it attracts people there.I was very happy to see this scene. I took some pictures of the lake with my phone.

Friends, the view of the Lake is very amazing. It is unlike any other. First of all, there are many beautiful mountains all around it and there are trees and plants in the forests all around. This scene looks very beautiful. I am sure you liked it, friends, thanks for giving your precious time to my post, Stay safe & have a great day ahead. Thanku for looking And reading šŸ™šŸ™.

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