A Healthcare Holiday.


The basic thing I planned to do during this holiday is to go on some outings, meet new people and clear my head. Fortunately for me, I had enough money to do all of this because I always like to save for December. I don’t like it when December meets me unprepared. I would not feel good that way. Unfortunately, all my plans didn’t work out and I believe it was the will of Jah and as long as I’m alive, I can always do better in the coming years. I could not do one out of the many things I planned to do during this holiday but I think I’m doing the best thing which is selfcare.

Sometime last month, my family members and I were robbed in our house and ever since then, my health has been declining but I was not taking it seriously. Instead of me to visit the hospital for proper healthcare, I just bought some drugs and when I realize I’m feeling the same way again, I’d buy more drugs. I’m sure we all know that’s not nice. Two weeks ago at work, I felt so dizzy and feeling like I was about to faint. I rushed to the sick bay and the nurse advised me to visit the hospital as soon as possible and my BP was as low as 96/56. I didn’t even mind her because I felt that will disturb my December plans and I was thinking I could just take care of myself after the holiday.

Eventually, I collapsed. It was urgent and my mum called a nurse very close to us. I woke up and was taken to the lab. I was having malaria, typhoid and anaemia. Then I began to take care of myself. I received so many drips and injections.

My veins get weak very fast so it I find it hard to receive two drips on the same hand. I took about four drips in four different places and I had eight injections. After then, I went to the hospital yesterday and my doctor also gave me some drugs, tonic and multivitamins that can hep boost my immune system. That wasn’t planned but that’s how far I’ve gone with my holiday. I’m recuperating but I feel I need more rest. Moreover, I can always have fun at anytime. It’s not a must to have fun in December.

What does this mean to me?

It means a lot to me. Healthcare is important and we should never ignore the way we feel. What if I went to a concert and collapsed. Who would have helped me to my house? Instead, my phones and other valuables may be stolen. Life is more important than any other thing. Fun can come later but it’s not possible to regain a life that we have lost. I have not heard that before. I’m also glad that I used this holiday as an opportunity to take care of myself. I feel good about my health now but I just need more rest so I can start next year healthily.

I really feel like going out so maybe I’d just have an outing before the year runs out. That’s in the blood, lol.

Merry Christmas to you all🎄

All pictures were taken with my phone camera

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