Masala papad-the hunger Saviour!


Masala papad is very popular In India. It is like a starter in restaurant. Till the main course arrives, one can enjoy Masala papad to munch on.

Now a days every restaurants are having Masala papad as a snack or starter. Masala Papad is fried or Roasted. It is roasted for healtheir version. It is crispy and topped with spicy mixture of onions, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, chat masala, redchili powder, fresh coriander and some lemon drops. It is delicious and once must try this at home you will love this as snack at anytime and can be serve to guests they will love the crunchy texture and tangy spicy toppings.

Papad is made up of Urad dal flour(black gram), lots of blackpepper in it which are rolled into thin chapati.

So lets see how to prepare The Masala papad at Home!


Papad-.According to your wish. I made 2 masala papad. Onions-½cup Tomatoes-½cup Cucumber-½cup Carrots-grated(½cup) Oil-½tspn Redchili powder-½tspn Salt-to the taste Chat masala-½tspn Cumin powder-½tspn Lemon juice-⅓tbspn Coriander leaves-for garnish.


1.take papad of any brand. I have usedblackpeper chana papad for this recipe.

2.chop onions and tomatoes. grate carrot and cucmber in a plate.

5.on the flame and keep it low meduim. roast the papad direct to the flame. You can deep fry the papad. But for health consious people they can roast it.

7.I am roasting the papad on the flame.

8.roast from both the side nicely till the black blister and small bumps will appears. So its roasted well. the papad is roasted good crispy one. the flame and place the papad on a plate. smear some oil. You can see in the pic below.

12.add chopped tomato and onions. add grated cucumber.

14.add grated carrot.

15.further sprinkle some redchili powder, salt, cumin powder, chatmasala, blacksalt and lemon drops. Garnish with some corinader leaves.

16.serve immediately else they turn soggy.

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