Every Disappointment is a Blessing


They say every disappointment is a blessing and due to things that has happened to me recently, I really do think it's true.



For some time now, I've come to realize that things I worry about always ends up just sorting itself out without me actually doing anything. It has happened a couple of times and today's event just proved to me that I'm right.

For some couple of weeks now, I've been getting pretty nervous on who my project supervisor would be. I'm currently in my final year and these projects can be really really expensive and time consuming, so one prayer that has always been in my mind was for me to get a good project supervisor who wouldn't ask I and my team (multiple students gets the same project supervisor) to go build something really expensive or take us through hell before we get the project done.

So I had a couple of lecturers I didn't want my name to fall under and this was simply because these men are known to be really strict and will force you to redo the whole project if they fine even the tiniest of mistakes, not minding the time and money youvry spent on building it.

Well, the list eventually got out few days ago and something strange happened, my name wasn't on it. Every other person had been assigned to a lecturer except me. So I contacted the right people to know what was wrong because I was starting to get scared if something wrong had happened somewhere.

But fortunately for me, I had gone to school today to meet the man in charge of assigning students to lecturers and it turned out he had mistakenly omitted my name while compiling the list. Now that would had somehow being a bad news for me but then he told me that due to that error, I get to choose any lecturer to be my project supervisor.

When he said it, I had thought he was pulling my legs but it didn't take long for me to realize he was being serious about it. And that was how I went from being scared of who I was going to be assigned to, to actually picking my project supervisor myself.

Of course I went for the nicest lecturer on the list and now I can't wait to get done with this project and be done with this school.

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