Domestic Violence



I've always read about cases on twitter where a lady comes out to accuse a guy of domestic violence and all of a sudden the whole world is against him and asking for his head, not caring about the fact that there's two sides of a story, mostly because for some messed up reasons, the world has decided to be more sympathetic towards the female species.

And although all I've done is read this cases online, I've seen how a lot of men get everything that they've worked hard for taken from them, their lives destroyed just because of some words from a female counterpart and at the end of the day, after the truth comes out and it turns out the guy never did any of those things he was being accused of, the lady starts to beg for mercy, which in most cases she ends up getting because "she's a lady".

That, I believe is where the majority of our problems lies as a man. We tend to forgive when we already have all the cards on our table and should be going to war against the vey person whose intentions had been to ruin our lives. I never pray to be in any of those situations but if I happen to find myself in one and at the end it comes out that I was innocent, that lady would rot in jail or spend every penny she has trying to stay out of one because I will come after her and everything she has.

Anyways, last night was one of those nights where I got reminded how powerful the words of a woman can be and how easily people tend to believe everything they say.

My neighbour and his girlfriend had gotten into a fight and his girlfriend had grabbed a bottle, broke it and had stabbed him multiple times with it. Luckily for him, these weren't deep cuts and he had quickly grabbed her hands and forcefully removed it from her hands but in the process of trying to get the broken bottle away from her, it had slit her finger and apparently that was all she needed to spin the story into her favour.

She had started screaming and we the neighbours had gathered, only for her to tell us that her boyfriend had cut her with a broken bottle, totally leaving out the part where she had been the one who went after the bottle first and also injured him with it too. The boyfriend was obviously in shock by how quickly she had turned him into the villain and he had tried convincing everyone there that that wasn't exactly what happened.

Did we all believe him? I doubt it. But after a long night last night, his girlfriend had calmed down and had ended up telling the truth. Imagine what would have happened to the dude last night if someone had called the police and he was arrested. It would be too late for his girlfriend to confess because even her would be scared to, for fear of what might happen to her.

So folks, be careful out there. You never truly know someone until you know them and trust me when I say you would be shocked as to how far people can go to see you suffer just because they're pissed at you.

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