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Hello everyone, how are you ? I hope you already have an amazing holiday. Today I will make a blog again about Splinterlands contest This Week's Theme is about the Aim True ruleset.

I play in the modern format, Diamond League, using my scholar account from Balthazar.

Battle Link

If you want to watch the Video link:


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  • Up to Eleven, every monsters have Amplify ability.
    • Amplify ability, Increases Magic Reflect, Return Fire, and Thorns damage to all enemy monsters by 1
  • Aim True, attacks always hit their target.
  • firefox_5Cgkh5x8ei.png Noxious Fumes: All monsters have started a battle with poison status, starting at round 2 the HP will decrease -2 each round.
  • mana.png mana cap.
  • element.pngcan use Fire, Water, Earth, Life and Death element.

My Lineup and strategy

Fulfilling the rules of Aim True and Noxious Fumes this time we have to survive poison attacks but also have to be able to hit the enemy with great damage because all our attacks will always hit the target. This time we decided to focus the attacks of our two monsters on the first and second positions, then with the abilities of our monsters we tried to make them survive for a long time so they could do a lot of damage before dying. We decided to use the Water element which has a monster attack with the greatest damage among other monsters. For the ruleset Up to Eleven we just ignore it, or not use this ability.

This is my lineup :

Summoner or monster Abilities Description
Possibilus the Wise, summoner. Has the buff of +2 HP, and gives Trample and Reach abilities to all friendly monsters With +2 HP boost our survival capability because poison give -2 damage every round boost +2 HP like give us free life for 1 round, with this summoner Reach ability all melee in the 2nd position can attack the enemy in the first position. Every time our monster kills the enemy, it will immediately attack the monster behind because it has the Trample ability.
Diemonshark, 1st position, attacker and tanker. Has the Ability Trample, Enrage, and Retaliate. This monster has high HP, armor, and good speed, suitable to become a tanker, *Enrage ability will increase the damage and speed which is already high enough, to activate Enrage ability of the monster's it's HP needs to be decreased. The Retaliate ability is a good ability when facing the melee monster it has a chance of 50% that this monster will counterattack the attacker. If the enemy monster we attacked dies then with Trample's ability this monster will attack the monster behind.
image.png Coastal Sentry, 2nd position, Attacker and 2nd tanker. Has the ability Double Strike, and Piercing. This is the best attacker we have from all of the elements we can use in this battle. With Double Strike this monster will attack twice each round giving 5 damage each for a total 10 damage and with support from the Piercing ability, make the armor hit by this monster is destroyed then the remaining damage will hit the HP make this monster easier to kill the enemy. Usually, this monster only can attack from the first position, but because of the summoner Possibilus it can attack from 2nd position, this monster does not have a strong defense/ability against many attackers and will die quickly, so I put it behind our tanker. Have the highest speed compared to another melee we used in this battle.
River Nymph, 3th position, attacker and support. Has the ability Cleanse, Amplify, and Swiftness. We use this monster because it has The support ability Cleanse for removing negative effects from our monster in the first position for this battle we want to remove the Poison effect. The Swiftness ability can increase the speed of all our allied monster, increse the chance our monster to attack first and kill the enemy before they can attack. We put this monster in this position to make it safe from the enemy attack because this monster easy to die.
Merdaali Guardian, 4th position, Support, has the ability Tank Heal, Repair, and Strengthen. We use this monster to increase the survival of our monster in the front and 2nd position Heal our monster in the first position and restore the monster armor that has the highest damage. The Strengthen ability will increase all of the ally monster HP to +1 which is good survival capability too. Like River Nymph this monster is weak against attack but have a useful support ability so we put it in here.
Swamp Spitter, 5th position, attacker and support, has ability Repair and Giant Killer. We use this monster because has the Repair ability, this ability will restore the monster armor that has the highest damage. I hope it can restore the HP of Diemonshark or the Coastal Sentry. The Giant Killer ability will make Swamp Spitter do double damage when hit the enemy who has 10 more mana cost. We put it here to defend against back attack, to protect our Merdaali Guardian from the enemy monster who can attack from behind in case our Wave Brood in the last position die.
Wave Brood, 6th position, attacker and tanker. Has the ability Taunt, Close Range, Void, and Return Fire. We need this monster's Taunt ability that ensures that enemy monsters will attack this monster if they can, this will increase the survival rate or our monster in the first position because almost all enemy will attack this monster temporary. Although Wave Brood is a ranged attacker, it's Close Range ability allows it to attack when positioned in the first position. The Void ability will decrease the enemy magic attack by 50%. With Wave Brood Return Fire ability if hit by range monster will give damage back.

The Battle


  • Round 1 : Battle starts with buffs and debuffs, here we can see that we are in trouble 😌 The enemy tanker Arkemis The Bear / Bear makes our Coastal Sentry damage become 1 per attack because have Forcefield ability ( damage 5 or higher will give only 1 damage) in this battle the monsters used by the enemy are stronger than us in terms of survival, but with our support monsters River Nymph, Merdaali Guardian and Swamp Spitter I think our defensive capabilities have increased on par with the enemy or beyond. No monsters died in this round. As seen here, the enemy monster "Bear" only reduced its damage by 1 when attacked by Coastal Sentry, and also attacks from Bear with the Halving ability caused damage from ** Our Diemonshark** was reduced from 4 to 2 which was then cleaned by River Nymph so that the damage and speed of Diemonshark which were reduced due to the Slow debuff from Baakjira returned to normal. Bear The enemy's HP decreases when attacked by Coastal Sentry and activates the Enrage ability, damage and speed increase.

![2.gif]( - Round 2: At the start of the round all monsters were affected by **Poison** except our **Diemonshark** which had been cleansed of its poison by River Nymph. **Wave Brood** we died being attacked by **Kulu mastermind**. With the death of Wave Brood, all enemy monsters attack our **Diemonshark** and activate its **Enrage** ability. Unfortunately, every time you receive **Heal** from **Merdaali Guardian** the **Enrage** status is removed, at first I thought this was a bug but it seems like this was intentional so that monsters with **Enrage** effects who receive healing are not too strong. **Wave Brood** The enemy still has a lot of HP because it gets healed from the enemy monster **Angelic Mandarin**. **Bear**, which was hit by attacks from **Diemonshark** and **Coastal Sentry**, gradually reduced its HP and was left with only 4 because there were no monsters to heal this monster. Meanwhile, our monster, **Diemonshark**, which is supported by the **Repair** ability from **Swamp Spitter** and also **Merdaali Guardian Heal** and **Repair** ability, returns to its original state (full HP and armor) at the end of the round.

![3.gif]( - Round 3 : Just like round 2, all monsters have their HP reduced by -2 except **Diemonshark**. The enemy monster **Bear** dies when attacking **Diemonshark** because hit back by the **Retaliate/counter attack** ability of **Diemonshark** and **Diemonshark** immediately attacks the monster behind **Baakjira** because it has the ability* *Trample**. **River Nymph** died being attacked by the enemy monster **Kulu Mastermind**. In this round we see that our support monster behind is almost dead, while our monsters **Diemonshark** and **Coastal Sentry** are in better condition. Until this round the enemy **Wave Brood** still alive because it received **healing** from **Angelic Mandarin** and also our monster at the back did not have the attack power to kill **Wave Brood**.

![4.gif]( - Round 4 : Our **Swamp Spitter** died in this round due to the effects of **poison**. Our **Merdaali Guardian** also died from being attacked by **Kulu Mastermind**. All of our support monsters behind died so **Diemonshark** and **Coastal Sentry** had to fend for themselves in this round and the next. **Coastal Sentry** succeeded in killing the enemy monster **Baakjira** and attacked the enemy monster behind him **Runemaster Kye** because he had the **Trample** ability of our summoner **Possibilus the Wise**. The condition of our monsters is not very good, only 2 monsters remain against 4 enemy monsters.

![5.gif]( - Round 5-6 : **Angelic Mandarin** died from the effects of **Poison**. **Diemonshark** with the highest speed immediately attacked **Runemancer Kye**. Leaving his HP at 5, then the enemy **Kulu Mastermind** attacked our **Coastal Sentry**, which fortunately only destroyed the armor of **Coastal Sentry**. Our **Coastal Sentry** who gets the next turn to attack kills **Runemancer Kye**, then attacks the enemy monster **Kulu Mastermind** kills him and still attacks **Wave Brood** one time and leaves his HP at 2. In the round 6 **Coastal Sentry** and the enemy monster **Wave Brood** die from the effects of the poison and victory is ours.

Did your Strategy Work?

It's hard battle but we managed to win this battle The enemy more focus in bring good monster behind like :

  • Runemaner Kye which can get additional HP every time it attacks.
  • Kulu Mastermind with great damage
  • Angelic Mandarin which can heal monsters that are not in first place.

The enemy monster does not have a good attack ability in the first position because we bring a Wave Brood monster with Taunt ability, so all enemy monster except Arkemis the Bear attacked our Wave Brood, which gives time for our attacking monster (Diemonshark and Coastal Sentry) to kill the enemy in the first position and also help our support monster live longer to support Diemonshark in first position.

Our formation only focuses on defending the lives of our attacking monsters Diemonshark and Coastal sentry as the main attackers in this battle even though the enemy brings Wave Brood but Coastal Sentry still attacks the monster in first position. Our strategy uses 3 support monsters, River Nymph, Merdaali Guardian, and Swamp Spitter :

Strip 1.jpg

succeeded in making us win the battle this time, our monster in first position Diemonshark and Coastal Sentry as the main attacker managed to survive until the final round, even though Coastal Sentry had to die at the end of the round due to the effects of poison, but he was safe from enemy attacks because the Diemonshark who was in first position managed to survive until the end of the battle.

Is there a better strategy ?

In this battle we only use 40 mana from 57 total mana Cap while the enemy use 53 mana, so we have plenty of room to change the monster, I think we can change Diemonshark with Arkemis the Bear as used by the enemy, you can see how powerful the enemy Bear in this battle with 2 against one without healer can survive until round 3. With the Protect ability this monster give 2 armor to all our ally monsters, so the enemy Kulu Mastermind will need at least two attack to kill our monster behind.

diemon bear.jpg

Thank you, my friend, for taking the time to review my battle report. I appreciate your efforts and would be grateful if you could provide me with feedback on any mistakes you find by leaving a comment.

If you are new and want to try this fantastic strategy card battle game feel free to use my referral code to join.


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