Play HiveBits With Pepe! - 12/25


Pepe invites you to come play HiveBits with Pepe!

source/credit: @crrdlx / @hivebits

Our fren the hivebitbot is back! May have been a much needed nap or sumtin'! Hive bits are being mined and may be given by a comment with a command fer sum bot to help pass the hivebit along after having been minted.

The rarer hive bits appear to be extra well hidden upon the bot's awakening and return. Only the (regular) hive bits have been found through mining and distributed by the bot. Maybe we'll see wen sum may be found again from the depths of hidden treasures in the blockchain!

So please feel free to play here or by replying with one of your own posts or comments. Please note that if you reply to sumone else, that that sumone else may get the HIVE bit..

To mine a HiveBIT you may reply to your own comment with !HBIT or !hivebit` for example.

Feels Good Man!

*notification list (comment to be added): @bitphoto @efmm @elizabethbit @ganjafarmer @gregscloud @kenny-crane @nomaddreamer @thebighigg @tydynrain *


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