Merry Christmas From Green and Red Pepe in the Colors of Christmas and Shape of a Heart


Merriest Christmas to all! Maybe leave a token call fer a chance at sum tokens of PEPE flavor!


Wishing and hoping that we all get everything we want fer Christmas and beyond in and through life! It's all there simply fer the asking. Go on and ask fer it, ask fer all of it. Take time to make space. Make space for what may fill and fulfill. Maybe you have sum space in your wallet fer sum PEPE token too!

Have a great day with your friends and family in whatever way and place that you choose to be today. As many of us get to be on this holiday that is a day free from the things of so many other days.

Welcome to please feel free to leave !$PEPE sumwhere in your reply / comment and we may see if a bot may deliver sum PEPE tokens.

Thank you all for a successful year in bringing and launching the memecoin of PEPE to the Hive blockchain. Starting moar as a meme coin then seeking to "meme" moar with moar meme-ing PEPE haz become a tribe token with a reward pool! And now reuniting with MEME tomorrow for our first monthly power up day in honor of World Meme Creator Day (March 26th).

Feels Good Man!

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