Finding more eye candy.


We traveled to a different area in the province that we have not visited before. 006.jpg

Some lovely sculptures but let me show you some parts of our travel first.

We love sculptures, and when an aunt in the family told us of the beautiful sculptures on a distant farm, we decided to go and see what it's all about. Note, that we do not idolize sculptures, and that we merely view them as works of art. The farm's name is Tokara, and it is in the Western Cape province. I will give you a link at the end of the post if you want to see more. We have many wine and olive farms in the area, and each farm is creating their identity by means of sculptures or other kinds of artworks. Not only artworks, because there are also restaurants on the farms, and tours arranged for visitors to explore the farm. Some farms also keep wildlife.

5 photos below of our travel to the farm. 016.JPG

Some earthworks were on the go at the right-hand side of the road here, and I think that it might be a new residential development. 031.JPG



This row of white Nguni cattle sculptures was at the entrance to the Tokara farm. 056.JPG

And now, for the sculptures.

A sculpture here, of a Khoi-San lady, relaxing at a riverside. 045.JPG

Morning exercises next to a waterfall. 079.JPG

Another Khoi-San lady relaxing in the sun. 099.JPG

Yay! Runner ducks in copper, and I did a post some time ago about live runner ducks on a farm. 108.JPG

No idea what this is, but there is a human body laying on its back in the water and an animal on its chest, staring into the body's face, and a chicken on top of the lot. 115.JPG

The wording on the ring, looks as follows: "Just". 123.JPG

Someone had a bath or a swim and sits at the side of the pool to dry out. 124.JPG

Finally, a lady with her little friend. 127.JPG

Great fun to type all of this on my new computer, and I hope that it turned out okay as a first effort. The old PC is not happy, as it had a 2002 windows operating system. So, lately, with all the new things around, size is a matter and the poor old PC just started gradually to run at tortoise speed. This new one is frightening because it has a very fast response to anything that I type, and I already made a few blurbs. Thankfully, it is simple to erase and repeat. I have a lot more photos on this trip to share with you and will do so gradually over time. Lovely country mountains and landscapes galore. We also went on to a berry farm and I will also do some posts about that farm. But for now, this is it and I hope that you liked it.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon PowershotSX70HS Bridge camera.

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