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Hello there.Today I'll share my battle under the Little League ruleset. But first, I will share some of my thoughts regarding it. With this ruleset, only monsters and summoners that cost 4 or less may be used. This removes a lot of the strong legendary summoners, and there usually is less damage output because lower mana monsters are the only ones available.In this ruleset, magic monsters are usually used. There are melee sneak teams that are viable, but they can be slowed down by armor. Me personally, I prefer to use Death with Thaddius to counter the magic, and add Ravenhood for the Protect. The other ruleset can then help me determine the specific strategy to go and prepare for.I believe that being flexible in battle is the ideal strategy. Check the opponent's history, check what they are most likely to use, and counter it. But always pick teams that can also counter different strategies. Without further ado, let's get into the battle.The RulesetThis was a Rise of Champion tournament battle, so it was a Diamond battle with Little League, Tis but Scratches, and Corrosive Fog Rulesets. A 50 mana battle is more than the needed amount. Only Water, Life, and Dragon are available, and I can think of a lot of different strategies for each so I will try to counter as much as I can.The ideal team for Water is an Alric Stormbringer magic team. There is an option for Bortus, but it is safer to go for Alric in case the opponent didn't go for Magic. Because of the availability of Alric, Kelya with the armor isn't too effective.For Life, Sloan and Ilthain are options, but both face an uphill battle against Alric. They can try to outspeed them with the Time Mage, but they could be lacking in damage.For Dragon, Quix can counter range attacks, and Sthispa can be an option against magic teams. From experience though, relying on evasion agains

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Hello there.Are you a fan of Marvel, with its unique characters and stories? Do you like RPG, Turn-Based Strategy, and card games? Did you think in the back of your mind that combining all these elements would make for a great game? If you said yes to all of those, you're in luck, because Marvel's Midnight Suns is such a game. [If you didn't, hey, it's free.]Developed by Firaxis Games, also known for their works on the XCOM series, comes this wonderful combination of RPG, Turn-Based Strategy, and cards. To top it all of, they set it in a darker side of the Marvel Universe to give it that gritty feel. Screenshot taken from The RPG element comes from the storytelling, where you are playing as the Hunter, a fully customizable, original hero set in the Marvel Universe. You will meet different Marvel characters in your journey, and you can choose which ones to take along with you. The card-based battle system comes in when composing the deck for your characters. There is already strategy involved, even before the battle starts. Coming up with a cohesive combo with your team can be the difference between victory and defeat.Screenshot taken from Similar to the XCOM Turn-Based Strategy battle, there is targeting and positioning involved in this game. The cards you picked for your deck can be used during the battle. I haven't really played XCOM, so I was impressed that the card effect like knockback can trigger environmental interactions as well. So knocking back an enemy to an exploding object can trigger more damage.Screenshot taken from Seeing as how you can play with different characters and mix and match teams, there can be a lot of replay possibilities with the game. It wou

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Hello there.Splinterlands' Rise of the Champion tournament recently concluded, and I would like to share my experience. The tournament started at 12 midnight of June 1 for me. I wasn't going to play at that time, so I decided to play once I wake up. When I checked the number of entrants, I was surprised to see that it increased and reached 700 players. With only the top 30 percent advancing, the battles can be difficult. Before entering my teams, I played a few ranked battles first to get into the groove of things. I planned on playing until I got a few wins in, hoping to get in the zone. Unfortunately, I got into a lose streak, and slowly getting tilted. After getting one win, I decided to play the tournament already.Going into the team select, and from my previous experience, I was already expecting to get choice paralysis. Having too many cards to choose from can be difficult. I can think of a lot of possible strategies, and imagining how each would fare against the other takes up a lot of time and effort. In the end, I relied on the limited experience I had, and went with the OP Legendary Untamed summoners. I used Yodin and Llama, and tried using magic to try and counter my bad luck with speed. A good strategy I found and used, was the swiftness Yodin strat.The idea is to use Magnor in the first position, have Flame Imp, Spirit Miner, Supply Runner, and Countess Sinash who all have Swiftness in the backline. The last monster will just be a filler. I used Venka in one for the damage, and Vizier for the Reflection Shield and Opportunity in the other. Since Magnor has Taunt, Enrage, and Trample, it works well with the strategy. The Taunt keeps the lower HP backline safe, the Enrage is enhanced by the multiple Swi

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Hello there.Have you guys watched the Fallout series that just came out recently? As someone who hasn't played any of the Fallout games, but has an idea of the general plot, I really enjoyed it. I like the main characters a lot. Lucy's happy disposition and naivety works as a good contrast to the dark and desolate world outside the vault she came from. Cooper Howard and Maximus were also endearing in their own right, and their character development is really good.But this post isn't really about the series, but more of the games. I know I said I haven't played any of the games, but after watching the series, I actually wanted to play the games and experience the world of Fallout for myself. For those of you that are in the same boat, you're in luck because Fallout 3 is available right now for free; but there's a catch. This is only available for Prime subscribers. Full disclosure, I don't have Prime, but I'm just sharing the info to you guys.Screenshot taken from For those of you who don't know [I only found out a few years ago], Amazon Prime offers a lot of perks for gamers [I am not sponsored by Amazon haha]. The one I was initially familiar with was the free Prime sub for Twitch, but there is still more. Amazon has a constantly changing free games available to redeem and add to your library. I believe they add new games every month but the free games are available for different lengths of time [Some are available until July, some up to August]. They give codes that you can redeem in different gaming platforms. As you can see below, they have ones for GOG, and Epic Games. The Crown is with the Amazon Games app, and the snowflake looking one is from Legacy Games. Screenshot taken from Apart from the free games, Amazon Prime also gives in-game content for different games. These

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Hello there.Outwars here. I think this might be the first time I'm posting in Hive Gaming, so I'll give a background about myself first. I like to play games since I was little. My first console was Sega, and I liked playing games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat [I still remember A,C,Up,B,Up,B,A,Down]. Then I moved to Playstation 1 and 2 where I enjoyed playing popular games like Gran Turismo and Tekken, while also some unusual ones like Monster Rancher Battle card. This was from Naruto Online, where we had fun lining up as Akatsuki.From there, I moved on to a PSP, where I mainly played Tekken 5 in college during classes, and in breaks [don't worry I graduated]. Finally, I moved away from consoles and pretty much focused on PC to the present. I played a lot of games, like Dota in the Warcraft client, Granado Espada and Cabal, LOL, Naruto Online, Witcher, MTGA, and Tekken 7. Recently I have just been playing Crypto games like Splinterlands. But that hasn't stopped me from getting and collecting games, hoping one day to play them. Since I don't know when I'll be able to play them I usually look for free games. So while the list of games I'll eventually play keeps increasing, I want yours to do so too. That is why I want to share the ones I find, here in this community. Screenshot taken from Which leads to the topic of this post. For those who don't know, Epic Games frequently gives away games for free. Sometimes they give away unknown and indie games, but there are also a lot of times where they give AAA games; they had Dragon Age Inquisition just recently. The free game they have right now is Chivalry 2.Chivalry 2 is a first person multiplayer game. But unlike recent popular games that use guns [FPS], players use a lot of different melee weapons, although there are still some ranged options. I have seen it be referred to as a Slasher game [making it still a FPS]. What I really like about this game is that i

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Hello there.Today I'll share my battle under the Keep Your Distance ruleset. But first, I will share some of my thoughts regarding it. With this ruleset, monsters with Melee attacks can't be used. This includes monsters with two types of attacks; as long as one of the two is melee, they can't be used.In this ruleset there is still a lot of strategies available that it is difficult to come up with a winning strategy without seeing the other rulesets. Immortalis can counter the Obsidian teams, Sloan can outdamage Immortalis but can lose to Obsidian. Death can work against them, but will have difficulty against Water with Oshannus.I believe that being flexible in battle is the ideal strategy. Check the opponent's history, check what they are most likely to use, and counter it. But always pick teams that can also counter different strategies. Without further ado, let's get into the battle.The RulesetThis was a tournament battle, so it was a Bronze battle with Are You Not Entertained, Keep Your Distance, and Reverse Speed Rulesets. A 56 mana battle is on the high amount and only Life, Death, and Dragon are available. I can think of a lot of different strategies for each so I will try to counter as much as I can. Having Are You Not Entertained together with Reverse Speed always feels like a troll. Since Gladiator cards get more speed as they get a kill, they get worse off in the speed department.The ideal team for Life is Sloan with Iziar and Pelacor Arbalest. Adding Katie can help with the damage, and with its magic attack, it shouldn't miss even with the higher speed [unless there is a phase monster].For Death, Thaddius Brood is an option to weaken any magic teams. Adding Skok Duskblight with Riftwing and Will o Wisp can deal with the range monsters and hope they miss. The Witch of Warwick is a magic Gladiator that can also work well