Bitcoin mining with a nerd miner for beginners


How to mine bitcoin for beginners

1. Buy a miner for example a nerd miner

2. Nerd miners are usually cheap averaging about 50 to 70 dollars

**The setup! From the offical nerd miner website you can see that to set it up it tells you

The NerdMiner Project is a freely available open-source initiative that allows you to engage in bitcoin mining using a compact hardware device. However, it’s important to note that the hashrate of this hardware is extremely low, and it should primarily be considered as an educational resource. The likelihood of finding a block and receiving the block reward is incredibly small.

The main objective of this project and the associated hardware is to enhance your understanding of bitcoin mining while also providing an aesthetically pleasing gadget. It offers an immersive and captivating experience, making it an impressive centrepiece in your home and an excellent conversation starter.

To achieve this, the project utilizes the LILYGO T-Display-S3 ESP32-S3 1.9 inch LCD Display Development Board with built-in WIFI and Bluetooth capabilities. The board features a dual-core LX7 microprocessor, 16MB of flash memory, 8MB of PSRAM, and operates on a 3.3V power supply.

With a power consumption much lower than a standard LED lamp (~1.55W), the NerdMiner achieves an approximate hash rate of 55KH/s on the latest firmware.

Here is the power consumption details: – Device: 5V | 0.14A | 0.71W

For more information, please see the projects Github at:

Credit to BitMaker and the dev team for their excellent work and continuing development of this project.**

3. Buy the nerd miner at

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