Your science knowledge has advanced to the point you can become a SuperWorld


👽Our analysis has shown that your science knowledge has increased to the point where you are collectively powerful enough to build SuperCities on Mars and put together fleets of DragonFly Asteroid Miners in orbit to INVADE THE ASTEROID BELT Holy SuperGoop. This is good. You become a space age SuperWorld. 👽If you have the collective, planet-wide power to become a SuperWorld but you don't use it to become a SuperWorld then are you A. Lazy, B. Unfocused, C. Spineless, D. Silly, E. Worried that the global plan to INVADE THE ASTEROID BELT would make Putin's invasion of Ukraine look bitty-brain pathetic and (not wanting to be further humiliated on the world stage) he would nuke the place back to a radioactive stone age. DragonFlyfull.jpg

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