What a splendid holiday



I'm ecstatic to leave the exam and head home for a month of mental recuperation.

Deborah muses over this while walking to her hostel. She wasted no time in getting to her hostel. She picks up her phone and calls her mother.

“When will you be sending me my transportation fee, Mama? I want to go home.”.

Her mother then retorted, saying

“So soon, my love.”

Although she was pondering her holiday plans while lying in bed, She was undoubtedly aware that her mother would take her and her siblings out during the festivities so they could enjoy themselves.

However, she desired to travel to a different location where she could enjoy her holiday and have fun.

Deborah's mother was overjoyed to see her daughter return from school when she finally arrived home. She asked her mother without taking a moment to rest.

“Mom, is there nowhere else we can go for our holiday? I want to enjoy myself so much.”


“Sure, mother.’

“Well, no issue at all. Perhaps we should all attend Mama's 80th birthday party, I suppose.”

Deborah was glad to hear that.

“When, mummy?”

“The following weekend," her mom responded.

“All right,” she said, overwhelmed with joy.

Deborah immediately went to her room to look through her wardrobe to see what would work best for the birthday celebration.

She's waiting anxiously for the day to arrive, getting everything ready. She hasn't seen her grandma, uncles, or aunts in a while.

When the day finally arrived, her mother called a taxi to take them to her mother's homeland in Edo State, which is in southern Nigeria. Deborah hasn't visited her mother's hometown in a long time because her mother and aging sibling did not get along. Deborah's mother, however, ultimately decided to return home to celebrate her mother's birthday, which appears to be very significant to her.

While traveling, Deborah snapped pictures of several of the buildings she and her sibling encountered th;:at they had never seen before.

They arrived in their mother's hometown at last. It appeared as though they were returning to the family home.

Seeing her mother, brother, cousin, nephew, and niece made Deborah very pleased.

To see her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren thrilled even Grandma.

When she arrived in the room assigned to them, she saw a young child of the same age sleeping on the bed. She wondered who the girl was.

In an attempt to identify the girl, she bolted from the room and hurried to meet her mother. Her mother told her she was the one residing in the village with Grandma. Prudence is her name.

“Why is she sleeping on the bed I would be sleeping on?” she inquired after that. She will be sharing a bed with her, according to what her mother told her.

Deborah wasn't thrilled with the prospect of sleeping in the same bed as a stranger or someone she hadn't met before. However, she is forced to accept it.

Later, in the evening, everyone eats dinner together outside at a single table, but it's commonly known that Deborah's mother and her siblings don't get along.

To bring the family together, Grandma was attempting to arrange them.

Grandma asked their elder brother to bless the dinner, but Deborah, their younger sister, sipped the plantain pepper soup rushing. She appears to be allergic to too much pepper, which is peppers and causes her to bolt from the table. Her mother went ahead to fetch her some water to drink.

Because of this, plenty of individuals decided not to consume the dish because it tasted like pepper. To ensure that none of us go to bed hungry, my uncle orders dinner online.

That evening, they were all required to head to bed after dinner.

As Prudence was attempting to make the bed correctly, Deborah said,

“Can I join you?” Afterward, she replied in the affirmative.

After introducing themselves, they went to bed to talk rather than to sleep, and eventually, they both fell asleep.

Deborah's mom arrived to wake the girls up the next morning. Before Grandma woke up, they all had to go to the parlor to give her a birthday surprise. It went so nicely.

Later, as the day appeared to be a Sunday, they all attended church on that very same day. After church service, her youngest uncle decided to take the children out.

He brought them to a neighborhood restaurant where they had some excellent, traditional meals, which Deborah thoroughly loved. He later led them to a well-known location, where they had to play a game.

Next, she noticed a man trying to sell a coconut.

Deborah yelled, “No!" What was wrong with Deborah, the other youngsters thought? Subsequently, she mentioned that her mother had advised against giving kids coconut water. Then, according to her uncle, water is healthy for everyone because it eliminates all toxins from the body and reduces toxicity.

Deborah drank three coconut waters on that first day, which she found to be rather enjoyable.

Uncle later took the kids home as it was getting close to nighttime. The kids were left behind to enjoy their holiday when Deborah's mother departed the next day. Deborah was ecstatic, including her siblings too.

The kids were given a special breakfast every morning. They also went to the stream in the afternoon to swim and eat coconuts, which was a unique treat. Before they go to bed at night, the grandmother tells them a historical tale or a knight tale, from which the kids can acquire a lesson or two.

With Prudence, Deborah enjoys herself. Aside from other things, Prudence taught her how to create traps for fish in the water.

Deborah gets so much enjoyment from herself that she doesn't feel like returning to school. She is without options.

Uncle eventually brought Deborah and her sibling back home a few weeks later. Their holiday was a pleasant remembrance that had fun memories.

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