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I have consistently enjoyed sharing my experience with you here dear friends, and I hope you have been enjoying the read and attached knowledge as well. The first pain I felt on my breast as a breastfeeding Mum was a few weeks after my Son came, oh should I say this was the second phase because there is a compulsory first one that women feel after giving birth before the baby begins to suck. This one is normal and should relieve the woman after some time.But, the one I felt after that was due to incorrect positioning, as a first time Mum, I was not aware that my baby's mouth should be covered on the breast and not on the nipple while sucking, so this made me feel pain and upon getting to the hospital, I was told what to do to help relieve the pain.At this stage of growth for my baby, he has started feeling an itchy gum and my breast once again is getting to suffer for it, indeed there is the pain of motherhood. Let's get into it and why it is so. There is an attached pleasure when a woman gives birth and nurses her child and breastfeeding has short and long-term health benefits for both mother and child.A baby who is well-fed with lots of breast milk would receive many hormones, and neuropeptides, accompanied by growth factors that help with the development, growth, and self-regulation of food intake When a baby is not properly breastfed, there is a higher chance of falling ill or having infection.During the early stage of breastfeeding, the bite may happen because the mother and child are still trying to learn, which was my first experience as I mentioned earlier, but as a child increases in age and starts to experience the process of teething, the child tends to bite the nipple during a feeding process.Most breastfeeding babies would at some point attempt to bite because the child is trying to grow teeth, or the child is hungry a demand is greater than supply. Some babies would bite when they feel bored, frustrated, and probably just trying to seek attention.When a baby has a cold or ear infection, it could result in the baby biting, it is difficult for the child to suck when he has the nose congested o

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One thing they say about humans, and particularly about kids is that, no two humans are the same, this explains why crawling, walking, talking, and other activities are generally not the same for all children. For over 100 years, researchers have tried to describe the developmental antecedents of walking, changes in the neurophysiological correlates of walking, and the kinematics of walking gait. Certainly, we gain more insight into these topics through consistent research and the gathering of more efficient data. In the United States today, statistics show a child should begin to walk at approximately 12 months. Researchers from other areas like; Ghana, Norway, India, Oman, South Africa, Turkey, and Argentina also report that babies in this region begin to take their first unassisted steps at around 12-13 months.However, some cultures have reported that most babies actively begin to walk months earlier than that, and of course, variation could be huge for various reasons. For example, some babies start to walk earlier while some linger for as much as when the child becomes 20 months old. Regardless of these variations, it was discovered that all the children experienced a healthy, and normal outcome later in life.However, we need to also bear in mind that some cases of delayed walking may be a result of an existing medical condition or a developmental disorder. So, as a first-time Mum, I did my research on what is normal, what we should expect, and the various reasons why children have different times they would begin walking. Before a baby takes the first step, he must have developed the coordination and strength required to maintain an upright posture. The child must also be able to bear most of his weight at least momentarily on one foot. These signs are believed to be shown by a baby who is going to start walking anytime soon;The child would typically begin to pull himself into a standing position by holding on to furniture or a human, children are believed to start doing this 4 months before they take their first step. Upon the first attempt, the baby would only be able to stand

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Several things could make a man feel not so good about himself, and I think for most men a case of erectile dysfunction is one of them, so several theories and myths surround how to stay active in that regard, but before we go deep into what it entails in totality, let me quote quickly what, Irwin Goldstein who is the MD, director of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital in San Diego says.Having sex is good, and masturbating is good, but the concept that men have to go out and have sex to preserve erectile function is bogus.Amongst the diverse sex problems reported by men to their doctors is erectile dysfunction, this problem is said to affect as many as 30 million men. Technically, erectile dysfunction is the trouble associated with men getting an erection that is firm enough for sex to happen.Although, on rare occasions, a man may have some problems with erection, when it becomes progressive or it becomes a routine then it is no longer normal and needs to be treated urgently.So, here is how an erection works........... When a man is sexually aroused, nerves release chemicals that increase the flow of blood into the penis. Blood flows into two erection chambers in the penis, which are made of spongy muscle tissue.When there is an erection, the said spongy tissue relaxes and then traps blood, the blood pressure in the chambers would make the penis firm creating an erection. When it gets to the point of orgasm experienced by the man, a second set of nerve signals gets to the penis and causes the muscular tissues in the penis to contract, therefore releasing blood back into the man's circulation, and making the erection come down.If a man isn't sexually aroused, it is no news that the penis remains limp and soft. The ability of the penis to vary in case of being warm or cold is a normal routine reflecting the balance of blood coming in and going out of the penis.So, we can say there is an experience of erectile dysfunction when there is a consistent or recurrent inability of a man to maintain an erection strong enough for sexual satisfaction.What triggers this condition is one other thing we need to be worried about next

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I don't think there is a greater feeling than watching a child grow through different stages of life, it comes with a lot of mixed emotions, from happiness to feeling stressed, and then intense joy afterwards, it is just a lot. Lately, my baby has started to bite me whilst sucking, I was wondering if it was not too early for him to start doing that, so of course, I took to my research path to understand the entire process of teething and what really happens there.Normally, teeth development begins in an unborn child, healthy nutrition from the mother during pregnancy is a strong tool for an healthy tooth development in a child. A mother's diet should contain sufficient amount of phosporus, calcium, Vitamins D and C.Tooth development entirely comes in four stages, the first stage begins at 6 weeks of pregnancy in an unborn child, this is when the basic substance of the tooth forms. Afterwards, the hard tissue surrounding the teeth is formed around 3-4 months of gestation. The next stage of tooth development is when the tooth begins to protude through the gum, and eventually, when the child begins to loose his primary or baby teeth.Little wonder why I was adviced by a nurse whn I was pregnant to avoid some medications, she specifically mentioned tetracycline, she stated it was for the safety of my child's tooth, and at the time I was thinking how my unborn child who clearly has no teeth yet could get affected by a medicine. However, I found out during the course of my research that, a medication like that taken by a pregnant woman may cause teeth discoloration in the child.The human teeth are of different types;Incisors- The front teeth located in the upper or lower jaws, each incisor has a thin cutting edge, it is the upper and lower incisors that actually come together in form of scisors to cut the food.Premolars- have flat surfaces, used to crush food.Canines- are the pointy that appears on both of the incisors, in the upper and lower jaws, usedfor the tearing of food.Molars are

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You can imagine the shock on my face when I heard about the existence of genetically modified babies, I began to imagine if the child would be produced through complete scientific procedure without any human intervention, or will there be little human interference with science taking charge of the rest, were questions that filled my mind.Of course, there was no other way to get answers to my questions than to do research, read and watch videos about the topic, and you trust that, once I know about it and it is science-related, I will be here to tell you about it, my friend, so please enjoy reading what I also learned.Designer babies also called genetically modified babies, is an embryo that have been modified genetically, to produce a child with some speicific traits. In some cases, bad traits or unfavorable characters may be eliminated, and in other cases, some good traits could be accidentally removed.In 2015, when some Chinese researchers first edited the genes of a human embryo in a laboratory dish, it sparked global outcry and pleas from other scientists that babies should not be made using the technology at least for the moment.Back then, it was the invention of a powerful gene-editing tool, CRISPR that made it possible, it was easy to deploy and cheap too, and with this, it became theoretically possible to have the birth of human geneifically modified in an in vitro fertilization (IVF).However, this theory seems like it is becoming visible to achieve, because in November 2018, according to different media from all around the world reported that two twin girls had been born through modified genes to make them immune to HIV. The birth of these children was experimental and was carried out by Jiankui, with two male couples who were both HIV carriers.Making use of CRISPR technology to immunize the babies against HIV, Jiankui managed to disable the CCR5 gene that would have enabled HIV infection in the children,