Daily Rewards



11 rares, 12 commons, 2 GF commons, 15 SPS and 460 merits. Very happy with no potions since I already have more than I'll ever need.

The 12 commons I have already maxed out, so they're not very useful for now. The 2 GF commons are nice. I already have the regular copy maxed out but getting the GF to max is nice to get the bonus on SPS and focus points. 460 merits is not a bad amount, almost 1/4 of a Gladius pack. 15 SPS is not too much but it's better than nothing.

Finally, the most useful ones here are rares. War Pegasus is a pretty useful card that I want to max out. Big flier archer is especially useful in the Earthquake rule set. Venari Marksrat is also one I want to max out and that I use all the time. The card is useful at any level because of the Martyr and the Snare ability is the second best part of it. But it's still better to get it to level 8 instead of leaving it at 7. And there's Lobb Lowland which I still have at level 7 but it's going to be good to get to max level. I don't use it too often because for the same mana there's Immortalis, but it's nice to have.

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