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Hello, everyone.Welcome to my blog and another wonderful edition of the Hive Learners' featured post. My parents will always say education is the best legacy any parent will leave for their child, which is why they'd do anything to see to it that we are educated and get the best out of it. It is one of the basic things expected that every individual gets involved in. It always comes at a price. Education might be free in some places, but it is one of the most expensive things in most places around the world. Lately, inflation and all that have made it look like education is no longer for the poor but something only the rich can afford because of how much it costs now, but the truth is that education is something meant for everyone and not a specific set or class of people.  Education plays a vital role in our lives and our world. For how far we have come, it is all thanks to education; it created a pathway to technology, and our world has never ceased to evolve and develop. Life today and life back in the 90's are two entirely different lives; everything is made easy, communication, transportation, and everything about life. There are things that one had to break a back to get done back in the day, but today, in a twinkle of an eye, artificial intelligence and robots get it done, so education and technology are two of the best things that happened to mankind. Here, I will be using myself as an example. While growing up, I was quite good and intelligent in school; I always came out on top in class, but aside from the few books given to me by school, I got nothing else. My parents were not really the type to get you gifts to appreciate the effort you put in, but you get praised, and they never stop talking about it to friends and family. That too is good, but I feel a gift or two to top up the praise would keep the spirit high. I have friends who I always did better than, and their parents will gift them. A friend got a bicycle for coming in second place after me, but me, who came first, got nothing. Despite being a kid, I started feeling discouraged and lost the zeal for studies after all, just praise and nothing else. I think they got the w

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"It's the first day in the month of April, and you all know how it has been for ages. It is April Fool's Day; don't let anyone fool you," my mom warned after we said our morning prayer.  It is no news that on the first day of the month of April, the number of pranksters on the street increased by 100 percent, and the only way to deal with it is to be extra careful and avoid falling for any prank or pranksters. Not falling for any prank on this day was a really difficult thing to do, but we all had to give it our best shot. "Today is the day for the little get together with other members of my little cooperative society, and I would like you guys to go with me as there will be a lot to eat and drink," mom added."Now you are talking mom, let's just get our chores done, and we will prepare immediately. We will be done in a jiffy; trust me, we won't waste your time." My siblings and I sweet-mouthed our mom and made her smile."As food is involved, see how energetic and sweet you guys are," mom replied."Haha!" we laughed as we all left the sitting room to get our chores done. While we went about carrying out chores, we were busy avoiding falling for all the pranksters that have flooded the street looking for someone to play a prank on. It is even more confusing when you don't know who is out to prank you and who is not. All you have to do is avoid almost everyone and be very sure before you give any response or follow instructions from anyone. "I really cannot wait to devour the meat; I have been having these pictures and scenes in my head," I told my brother. "Now you sound like a hungry person, better don't go there and disgrace us because I will act like I don't know you," my brother replied."Haha, not like I am going to beg; just don't miss out where you are claiming to be a big boy," I replied.Finally, it was time for the party. I got my best dress on, and since dad was not around, we boarded a taxi to the venue. Stepping into the venue, the aroma of the food hit me, and I wished we could just skip everything and get to the part where we start eating. A few minutes into the partying and everything, my mom's phone rang, and she had

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Hello, everyoneWelcome to my blog and another wonderful edition of the Hive Learners' featured post. It is no news that alcohol is one of the few things that, if addicted to, can ruin a person's life completely. It takes a lot to actually get over addiction to alcohol. One who is addicted to alcohol is the same as another person who's addicted to hard drugs; every little bit of money that comes their way is channeled towards this addiction of theirs, as they feel they cannot do without it, and without it, they are incomplete.  One thing many people battle with with is their addiction for alcohol, though alcohol can help fight depression and anxiety, it does not change the fact that it is harmful to health. Many people's addiction started after they used to combat depression, and after winning the fight against depression they could put a stop to their alcohol routine. Alcohol addiction is more dominant in the male population; if there are 100 men on earth, then only 2 out of those 100 don't drink alcohol. I really don't see drinking alcohol occasionally as something bad, but making it an everyday thing or a habit is when it becomes very annoying. That's when you get to realize alcohol smells really bad, and the breath of those who have made it a habit starts to give off a very bad smell. It might not be bad to drink alcohol occasionally, but this drinking of alcohol occasionally does not stop it from having little effect on our health. It is funny how people see drinking alcohol as a flex. I was at a viewing center the other day, and some guys were busy arguing about how one can drink more than the other. The other guy too was trying to prove himself and how his head is stronger than that of the other, according to them, the one with the strongest head is one guy that wasn't present, but his respect was paid in full. I never knew anything like a strong head existed until that day 😂. The strong head here meant someone who consumes more alcohol and will still be in their right senses. Sometimes we are left wondering why people of old lived longer than us, they really did not en

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Hello, everyone.I welcome you to my blog. As individuals, we all have stuff we never knew a day would come, and we would find ourselves doing these things, stuff we avoided with every fiber in us because we never knew we could do it or were scared of the end result if we eventually did it. Sometimes we hinder ourselves and hide our potential whenever we are in situations like that. This is why motivational speakers would always say, Do it, and if you are scared, then do it scared.  The one thing that, to date, baffles me is how I was able to pull it off is writing. I never for once thought a day would come where I would put words together in writing and it'd make sense. When my onboarder first told me about the hive platform, I was so eager to join and was putting him under so much pressure to get my registration started, especially when I heard the platform pays, but everything changed the moment he told me the hive platform has to do with writing. Now it was him that was on my neck to come and register because I lost the zeal. Hearing that the platform had to do with writing killed my morale and zeal to join it; my onboarder became a motivational speaker by force. He has to keep telling me how the platform is not all about writing; I can actually share photos and still earn since the earning part of the platform was my major motivation. After so much pressure from my onboarder, I finally agreed to let him onboard me. He guided me about how to go about my introduction post, and after my introduction post, I vanished 😂. I did not make another post for quite some time before I returned to the platform. I returned to the platform but was still finding it difficult to know how to go about creating and writing content. Funny, how to even make a post of 300 words was a very big problem. I went through my post when I first started my hive and writing journey, and I could make some posts with a word count of 200 words, and remembering how much stress and brainstorming I had to do to get the word count of that post to 200 leaves me laughing. Imagine using two days to come up with a post with a 200-word count. That is how difficult it was for me a

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Hello, everyone.Welcome to my blog and another wonderful edition of the Hive Learner's featured post. This week's topic made me think a lot. I tried a lot to see things from both angles to see if a rehab center or facility can make a criminal or defaulter have a change of heart. The truth is, we are all humans; what works for one might not work for another. There are people who just need your word of advice and are on track doing things right, and then there are people who need you scolding them before they act right, and there are some that both whipping, scolding, and word of advice won't change a thing about them.  A lot of people found themselves in prison, not because they wanted a life like that or were thugs on a normal day. I doubt if anyone ever dreamt of something like that, but certain conditions pushed a lot of people over the edge the moment you find yourself in a tight corner with little or no choice and forced to make a decision with an ugly end result but forced to take your chances. Funny how not everyone in prison is actually guilty of the crime they were accused of; some people were actually forced into prison for a crime they did not commit. Pain and limited freedom can change a person for life. I visited the court last month and some were brought for a case, and it was that day that I realized that we do underrate the freedom that we enjoy, and on that day I made a promise to myself that I would never do anything that could take my freedom away in the end. Seeing them alone broke my heart. I haven't been to prison before, but seeing them in court that day tells you everything you need to know. The suffering they have to endure, then I tried to picture going through such a level of suffering despite being innocent that alone will leave one's mental health messed up for life and no level of therapy session can help fix it. Sometimes we judge too quickly; just because the person was accused of a crime does not mean we start treating them ill. Over time, we all realize that not everyone behind those bars is guilty and that we should be considerate enough to give them a second chance. Prisons in a country like mine would le