Vampire Survivors - Cappella Magna Coffin & 15m with Concetta!


Cappella Magna - A church filled with demons.

In today's #vampiresurvivor run, we tackle the Cappella Magna coffin, and we survive 15 minutes with Concetta. We also discuss how to abuse Area increases to make yourself unstoppable.

The Build

Character: Concetta Default Weapon: Shadow Pinion Bonus Stat: +1% Area every level.

Weapon Picks

Default: Shadow Pinion 2: Cross 3: Fire Wand 4: Rune Tracer 5: Lightning Ring 6: Axe

Secondary Picks

1: Duplicator 2: Armor 3: Attractorb 4: Candelabrador 5: Clover 6: Wings

Evolved Weapons

Valkyrie Turner (Evolved Pinion + Wings), NO FUTURE, Death Spiral, Heaven Sword

The Strategy

We pop into Cappella Magna for a run with Concetta so that we can snag a few more of those unlocks we've been chasing.

In this, we find the Cappella Magna coffin which unlocks Zi'Assunta as a playable character, and the Arcana XVIII: Boogaloo of Illusions (which we're going to use in future runs to just abuse the shit out of some mechanics with the 1% gains it provides).

We end up dying at the 20-minute mark in this run, which is okay - we got swarmed and sometimes that happens!

In Cappella Magna, there are a ton of golems and demons at about the 20m mark that have a TON of health and can be real troublesome in this section - so when you're playing this map be sure to have some good damage and, if possible, something that will provide knockback or freezing (whip for knockback and clock lancet for freezing is a pretty solid set of choices)!

This is a map that has a lot going for it, and it can be a ton of fun if you're able to get the damage output you need to deal with the enemies that spawn. Prioritizing evolving weapons can be super handy, and personally, I would recommend snagging an Empty Tome to decrease your global weapon cooldown - you'll be thankful to have it!

As I said before (and will be saying for a bit yet): I'm a bit behind on writing these post-gameplay blogs, so if you want to see some of the more recent runs be sure to hit my YouTube channel (and, while you're there, help a fellow out and leave a like, subscribe, or comment)!

Until next time friends, Happy Gaming!




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