The earliest written reference to Christmas being


The earliest written reference to Christmas being celebrated on December 25th appeared in Rome in the year 336. This makes sense since it was a year before the death of Constantine the Great (left) who was the first Christian Emperor of Rome.

When Constantine was younger his father asked him to fight with him in Briton. It was in the area of Eboracum (present day North Yorkshire, England) where Constantine became Emperor after his father died of illness in the year 306.

Fast forward more than 1,300 years and the person on the right (Edmund Andros) married his first wife, Mary, who coincidentally was from the same town, North Yorkshire, England where Constantine became Emperor.

So what does Edmund Andros have to do with Christmas and December 25th and American history?

Well Andros eventually became a Colonial Governor in America and in 1681 he lifted the Puritanical ban of celebrating Christmas on December 25th in New England.

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