Pagi Sore - Famous Padang Restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Hello everyone! Come back with me in this blog, today I will share my experience in Jakarta Indonesia. On this early November, 2023, I went my work trip to Jakarta as interior designer. There is a lot of something i want to share, but of course I will start with a foodie, hehehe. Okay, start to the point, enjoy reading!

I went to Jakarta from Medan with my friend. We went to Jakarta for work, she is an accountant and I am interior designer, we work on the same company. In Jakarta, we picked up by one of our team and a driver, she asked us where we want to go, and what do we want to eat. We didn’t know where we want to eat because we didn’t have a plan since this work trip is really sudden for us. We’ve been told to go for this work trip 5 days before our flight.

Since we gave up on choosing a place to eat, our team staff who picked us, insist us to try a famous padang restaurant in Jakarta, named Pagi sore. As i remember, Pagi Sore located not far from airport.

My first imoression for this restaurant is this place is crowded, big, and fancy enough for kind of Padang restaurant. The three of us seat in long table, and they serve the food. Fun fact about padang restaurant, they not just serve food we order, but serve almost all of their menu in small portion on our table. Here is the picture:


Almost all of padang food dominated by chili food and “gulai”. Gulai is food that cooked with coconut milk and a lot of mixed seasoning. You can see food with some kind of yellow soup in the picture, is called “gulai”. You can cook egg gulai, fish gulai, chicken gulai, and many more kind of food you can cooked with gulai.

The food in Pagi Sore taste great. No wonder this restaurant is famous. They keep the food hygiene and still looks appetizing, but there is one dessert that impressed me. It taste unique and i haven’t taste this kind dessert on any restaurant padang food in Medan (I stayed in Medan, by the way 😂). Here is the dessert:


It really taste unique! At first i thought that green cream is a matcha, and that black cream is a chocolate (like an ordinary dessert combination), turns out it is a creamy pandan and a black rice (it’s called ketan here, it have different texture from ordinary rice, and it taste sweet). The overall dessert taste sweet but not too sugary. The first thing that pops up in my mind after eating this ffod is i have to make it in home as soon as possible 😂.

So this is a short food review about Pagi Sore padang restaurant, there is a lot of taste unique here in Indonesia you have to try. Since Pagi Sore is located in Jakarta, our capital city, it will be easy for you guys to come here. Here is me and my works friend in Pagi Sore (sorry I have to censored my friends face because of privacy reason:


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