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5 days ago

Good morning everyone! depending where in the world you are of course, but it is for me, at the start of the weekend on this beautiful Saturday morning!While the sun is shining outside I'll first make my second Splinterlands Blog post for this week, for the people that don't know, the team has two blog post challenges to participate in every week, it's basically meant to spread the word about Splinterlands in to the crypto and gaming world, and the community is the best way for this for low cost so it is really a win - win scenario, participating in this challenge every week earns me about $50 - 60 every month so I can further build my deck, so my wish list can be checked of and new cards can be added to my list.Also, my 10 y/0 daughter started playing Splinterlands again after a 2 year pause, with all the changes it just got too hard for her but now she's a little bit older she really enjoys the strategy and outsmart her opponents, funny to watch! 馃榿 So, welcome back @stella16! She's already making her own wish list for her lower level account (max bronze) so this can grow over time too, to start I'm giving her $5 monthly to freely spend on Splinterlands assets, when she remains serious, I might double this so she can grow a little faster. 馃檪This weeks Battle Mage Secrets Challenge...This weeks challenge is about the Little League ruleset, in which only cards with 4 mana or less are allowed to be played, this rule applies for summoners too, and like with any Splinterlands battle you can go multiple ways with this, I like the Dragon / Water combo best but sometimes I choose death too, when I expect a magic heavy team from my opponent. To find out how you can participate in the challenge yourself, [you can find the Splinterlands post here.](