Christmas Dessert Delights at Chez Nous


*"Christmas desserts are the icing on the holiday season. 🎄"


Merry Christmas! Christmas day has come and just like how I mentioned in, we don't have official Christmas day since we're a Buddhist country. But, if I want one I need to go out there and have it myself.

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So I invited my 2 good friends, V and M to join me in the "finding festive feast" in this Christmas time and I happened to know exactly where to go. I was ready. My outfit was ready and I told my friend to dress up for the occasion as well.

🎄 Chez Nous 🎄


Chez Nous is an Artisan Baking Atelier Cafe in Chiang Mai. How do I know of this place? Actually you should ask, how come you never heard of this place. Because it's been one of the most famous places if you wanna get great, or even the best croissant in Chiang Mai.

But back to the first question: How do I know this place? Well, I'm proud to say, the owner is my friend since primary school. I'm really proud of her journey and now she opens more than 4 franchises in Chiang Mai and other provinces too.

Especially during Christmas time, Chez Nous would decorate the place to make the visitors feel very festive.



Well, not only the place but all the baked goods and desserts as well. How cute is that!

🎄 Our Sweets Orders 🎄

We decided to order 3 sweet dishes for 3 sweet girls that day: One, the Chocolate cake, this one looks like a present. Two, Christmas cookies as a snowman, ginger bread man and Christmas tree and Three, my most favorite thing to order from here the "Merry Croissant" or the croissant with whip cream and fresh strawberries.

LINE_ALBUM_Chez nous xmas_231222_9.jpg

LINE_ALBUM_Chez nous xmas_231222_6.jpg


LINE_ALBUM_Chez nous xmas_231222_8.jpg

I love this croissant so much that I told my friend aka the owner to always have it on the menu, but she said it's a holiday special. So, sadly I can only order it during this time of the year.


I wish we can order everything that Chez Nous has to offer on the menu, but to prevent food waste and weight gain. We decided to stick with just 3. And it was actually enough. Maybe next year, we will get to order more. I hope so.

LINE_ALBUM_Chez nous xmas_231222_20.jpg

🎄 Our table 🎄

We were having a good time that day, since the 3 of us didn't get to meet up as much as we would like to, so it was a special day for us to enjoy this time together.

LINE_ALBUM_Chez nous xmas_231222_38.jpg

LINE_ALBUM_Chez nous xmas_231222_39.jpg

Fortunately, the owner also had a little time to come say hi to me. So, I got the chance to introduce them all together and just tell her how much we like her work.

LINE_ALBUM_Chez nous xmas_231222_37.jpg

🎄 Inside Chez Nous 🎄

LINE_ALBUM_Chez nous xmas_231222_22.jpg

LINE_ALBUM_Chez nous xmas_231222_12.jpg

LINE_ALBUM_Chez nous xmas_231222_36.jpg

Not only that Chez Nous offers nice looking pastries, but also many photo spots for us to take lots of pictures from. It looks just like we're inside true Le Bistro de Paris with touches of Christmas decorations.

LINE_ALBUM_Chez nous xmas_231222_25.jpg


🎄 Outside Chez Nous 🎄

LINE_ALBUM_Chez nous xmas_231222_26.jpg

LINE_ALBUM_Chez nous xmas_231222_29.jpg

We promised ourselves that before we leave, we gotta take pictures with the Christmas tree and the gifts outside and we actually almost forgot to do that. If my friend M didn't remind me of that, we probably didn't get these beautiful photos.

LINE_ALBUM_Chez nous xmas_231222_21.jpg

I appreciate the work of Chez Nous putting all these beautiful decorations up and making the time and experiences for people, who are, like me, lovers of good photos especially in this good time with my friends. Whenever I looked back at these photos, it reminded me how lucky I am to enjoy this and be surrounded with such good-hearted people.

LINE_ALBUM_Chez nous xmas_231222_18.jpg

LINE_ALBUM_Chez nous xmas_231222_35.jpg

That'd be all for my Christmas post for this year, guys. :) I'm glad that you stopped by and enjoy this small moment with me. I hope you guys have a wonderful time with your friends and family during this holiday.


Most of the photos are mine. There are some that I borrowed from, which I have put the source in each of them already.

If you come to Chiang Mai and want to check out the place. Here's the Google Maps link to 📍 📍

Happy holidays, guys

Khob khun kaa, Nomnomnoodle 🍜

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